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Weapon Drop ZM SG 1(g)

Malya the Dust is one of the Imperial aces encountered in the original Valkyria Chronicles game.

His one and only apperance is in Chapter 06: A Desert Encounter, in the North Eastern portion of the map behind the walls of a ruined building from where he may snip at your advancing troops.

He is armed with the ZM SG 1(g), a low accuracy, high powered sniper rifle which is also your reward for defeating him.


  • The ZM SG 1(g) sniper rifle is one of the worst sniper rifles in the game, while low accuracy and poor range are cancelled out by high damage output in submachine guns and to a lesser extent rifles, in a weapon which relies on single shot accuracy the results leave a lot to be desired.
  • You should be able to advance towards Malya undercover of the sandstorm and attack him from behind to avoid him evading your shots.

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