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Mal the Antlion
Lynn sights up Mal
Weapon Drop ZM SG 6(g)

Mal the Antlion is a Sniper Elite Ace found in the Expert version of the Vasel Riverside skirmish. He is found positioned on a rooftop of a building that leads into the destination Welkin is supposed to reach. Since he cannot move from that position, he can only attack units within his sight.

He is equipped with the ZM SG 5, but drops the ZM SG 6(g) when defeated.

Stats and Equipment

20210411133010 1.jpg

  • Defense - 20


20210411133113 1.jpg


  • Unlike the other Sniper Elites on the map who are equipped with the ZM SG 96, Mal is equipped with the weaker ZM SG 5.


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