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|Unit Class = {{Insig|sniper}} [[Sniper]]
|Unit Class = {{Insig|sniper}} [[Sniper]]
|Weapon Drop = [[Sniper Rifles (VC1)#ZM SG B|ZM SG 6(g)]]
|Weapon Drop = [[Sniper Rifles (VC1)#ZM SG B|ZM SG 6(g)]]
|Appearances = [[Skirmish 02: Vasel Riverside]]}}
|Appearances = [[Skirmish 02: Vasel Riverside]]|name = Mal the Antlion}}
{{Template:VC1 acelist}}
{{Template:VC1 acelist}}

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Mal the Antlion
Weapon Drop ZM SG 6(g)
Imperial Aces
Scout Kanazar the Lion | Kanazar the Lynx | Kanazar the Puma | Oswald the Alloy | Oswald the Gold | Oswald the Iron | Oswald the Steel | Segular the Wall | Sima the Younger
Shocktrooper Col. Nonnenkof | Cpt. Nonnenkof | Lt. Nonnenkof | Maj. Nonnenkof | Sima the Elder | Ty the Immortal | Fujmolt the Edge | Mort the Merc
Lancer Nora the Tigress
Sniper Mal the Antlion | Mal the Arachnid | Malya the Dust | Mitz the Agent | Mitz the Talker | Stark the Hawk | Stark the Slayer | Sytreet the Lynx | Tavyse the Beast | Mash the Hunter | Shuntr the Mount
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