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Machine Guns are the main weapon of the Shocktrooper class.

Federation Machine Guns

Stock Weapons

Robinson - Standard

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Standard fully automatic weapon with average accuracy and the best per-shot power of any of the stock Machine Guns.

  Aim Range VsPsnl VsArmor Shots Effect Notes
Robinson M91 D 200 21 42 20 N/A
Robinson M92 D 200 22 43 20 N/A
Robinson M93 D 200 23 43 20 N/A
Robinson M94 D 200 24 44 20 N/A
Robinson M95 D 200 24 46 20 N/A
Robinson M96 D 200 26 47 20 N/A
Robinson M97 D 200 27 47 20 N/A
Robinson M98 D 200 27 50 20 N/A
Robinson M99 D 200 29 52 20 N/A
Robinson M100 D 200 30 53 20 N/A
Robinson M101 D+ 200 35 58 20 N/A
Robinson M102 D+ 200 36 59 20 N/A
Robinson M103 D+ 200 39 59 20 N/A
Robinson M104 D+ 200 42 62 20 N/A

Mags - Accuracy

20181121133307 1

Like other Gallian weapons in the game, the Mags is weaker per-shot than the Robinson. Oddly, until the Mags M11 this is the only difference, and there is nothing to really recommend the series. At this point, however, the focus on accuracy comes into play: remaining Mags models gradually become significantly more accurate than their Federation equivalent.

  Aim Range VsPsnl VsArmor Shots Effect Notes
Mags M1 D 200 20 40 20 N/A
Mags M2 D 200 21 42 20 N/A
Mags M3 D 200 22 43 20 N/A
Mags M10 D 200 24 43 20 N/A
Mags M11 D+ 200 25 45 20 N/A
Mags M12 D+ 200 26 46 20 N/A
Mags M13 D+ 200 27 46 20 N/A
Mags M14 C 200 28 49 20 N/A
Mags M15 C 200 29 50 20 N/A
Mags M20 C 200 32 54 20 N/A
Mags M21 C 200 33 55 20 N/A
Mags M22 C 200 35 57 20 N/A
Mags M23 C 200 39 61 20 N/A

Reising - Capacity

20181121133314 1

The Reising series are less accurate, slightly shorter-ranged, and weaker per-shot, but make up for this with a larger magazine, giving them a potentially greater overall damage output and also allowing for more protracted Interception fire between reloads. At high levels, when Shocktroopers can compensate for their lower accuracy, the increased overall damage output makes this series a superior choice, particularly for Shocktroopers with Potentials that offer large accuracy boosts like Raz, Lily Ashley and Vancey Fioré. However, the lower damage per bullet is much more noticeable against enemies with high defense (such as Trooper and Lancer Paragons) making them virtually useless at interception.

  Aim Range VsPsnl VsArmor Shots Effect Notes
Reising M9A1 E 180 20 41 25 N/A
Reising M9A2 E 180 21 42 25 N/A
Reising M9A3 E 180 22 44 25 N/A
Reising M9A4 E+ 180 23 44 30 N/A
Reising M9A5 E+ 180 24 47 30 N/A
Reising M9A6 E+ 180 25 48 30 N/A
Reising M9A7 D 180 27 50 35 N/A
Reising M9A8 D 180 28 52 35 N/A
Reising M9A9 D 180 29 54 35 N/A
Reising M9A10 D 180 30 54 35 N/A

Limited-Quantity Weapons


Most of these weapons are earned by fulfilling certain criteria in Chapter 2 part 1, Chapter 4 parts 1 and 3, Chapter 6 part 1, Chapter 9, Chapter 11, Chapter 13, Chapter 14, Chapter 15 part 1, Chapter 17 part 1, and the sub-episode Squad E Assembles. Specifically, a random reward weapon (all types) is unlocked for each of the following:

  • Obtain A rank.
  • Kill all enemy Leaders.
  • Destroy all tanks (does not include bosses or fixed weapons).
  • No squad member deaths.
  • No squad members in critical condition or evacuated.

The quality of the unlocks appears to be based on the amount of R&D weapons researched, and is based on a rank system from 1 to 5. Post-game, Renown Points can be traded for a random reward weapon of a specified level at the Infirmary.

This is also the only place the Gallian MAJ-X status effect machine guns put in an appearance, although losing their attack-reducing bullets in favor of longer-range bullets that destroys the ammo of all the targets they hit. This is quite debilitating for enemy lancers and potentially scouts; the former (thanks to game AI), often charge into the range of MAJ-X weaponry before taking shots (which makes them unable to attack at all), while the latter is lightly armed and thus only has the limited-ammo grenade as its heaviest-hitting weapon (thus mitigating enemy scout rushes). They lack a glossary entry or a tech tree.

  Aim Range VsPsnl VsArmor Shots Effect Notes
MAJ-X D+ 200 19 48 25 N/A Edy's Advance Ops DLC
Mags D+ 200 23 41 20 N/A A United Front With Squad 7 DLC
Robinson M91R D+ 220 23 43 20 N/A
MAJ-X M1R E 220 23 40 15 No Ammo
Reising M9A1R D+ 220 20 43 35 N/A
MAJ-X M30R D 220 24 45 15 No Ammo
Robinson M101R C+ 220 30 55 20 N/A
Reising M9A5D D+ 200 23 40 30 N/A A Captainless Squad DLC
Robinson M99D C 200 43 72 20 N/A Expert Skirmish DLC


20181121133301 1

Imperial Machine Guns typically have low-end accuracy and very short range, but much greater vs Pers hitting power than any Federation equivalent. The single odd one out is the DLC-only MP 8(e), a unique weapon which appears to be some kind of Imperial assault rifle prototype and functions more like a burst-fire Scout rifle.

  Aim Range VsPsnl VsArmor Shots Effect Notes
ZM MP 1(e) E+ 80 33 45 20 N/A
ZM MP 2(e) D 100 36 50 20 N/A
ZM MP 3(e) D 120 38 53 20 N/A
ZM MP 4(e) D 120 41 55 20 N/A
ZM MP 5(e) D 150 45 58 20 N/A
ZM MP 6(e) D 150 50 60 20 N/A
ZM MP 7(e) D 150 53 62 20 N/A
ZM MP XD (e) D 180 28 45 20 No Ammo A Captainless Squad DLC
ZM MP 8(e) C+ 350 48 66 7 N/A Expert Skirmish DLC

Imperial-only Machine Guns


  Aim Range VsPsnl VsArmor Shots Effect Notes
ZM MP 1 E 200 16 48 20 N/A
ZM MP 2 E 200 20 55 20 N/A
ZM MP 3 E 200 26 60 20 N/A
ZM MP 3B E 180 23 60 20 No Ammo
ZM MP 4 D 200 29 66 20 N/A
ZM MP 5 D 200 33 72 20 N/A
ZM MP 6 D 200 35 75 20 N/A
ZM MP 7 D 200 37 79 20 N/A
ZM MP 8 D 200 40 83 20 N/A
ZM MP 8B D 180 34 83 20 No Ammo


  • The Robinson is visually based on and named after the Thompson SMG. While 11.43mm might sound like a very large caliber, it is much better known by its Imperial form, .45: this is the same as the .45ACP pistol cartridge the actual Thompson fired. The Robinson also has several features copied from the MP40, in particular the barrel and magazine well.
  • The Reising takes its name from the M50 Reising SMG, though that is where the similarities end: the in-game Reising model is derived from the Robinson model, while the real weapon more closely resembled a bolt-action carbine with a pistol magazine inserted into it. The real M50 Reising was actually the main competitor to the Thompson rather than a derivative of it. It was more accurate due to using a closed-bolt, delayed blowback operating system (uncommon on SMGs, which usually use an open bolt for simplicity and a faster fire rate), had a solid wood stock of better quality than the Thompson's, and had a smaller magazine, with the largest holding just 20 rounds. Around 100,000 were made for the US Marine Corps, Navy, Coastguard and other services. It was hated by frontline troops in the Pacific Theater due to its delicate magazine feed lips, overly complex design, tendency to jam if not kept spotlessly clean and use of hand-finished parts which meant components from one gun would not necessarily fit in another.
  • The ZM MP Imperial SMG is based on the German MP 40. Apart from sharing the MP designation, meaning Maschinenpistole, the earlier ZM MP models also share a similar pistol grip, receiver and magazine. The ZM MP also fires a 9mm cartridge like the MP 40, and features the same use of stamped parts (as opposed to more labor-intensive machining) to lower production costs.
  • Zechmeister is probably named after Hugo Schmeisser, the designer of the original MP18; this was the first mass produced submachine gun. While the MP40 is often referred to as the Schmeisser, Hugo Schmeisser did not actually design it; his principal contribution to smallarms technology during the second world war was developing the 7.92x33mm Kurz cartridge and with it the first mass-produced assault rifle. The reasoning behind the name being changed to ZM probably involves Schmeisser's WW2 work with "United Suhl-Zella Mehlis Armament Makers," a large centralised body for coordinating manufacture.
  • Using weapons with the "no ammo" ability on enemy Lancers can severely mess with the AI, since it assumes Lancers will always have ammo when it selects them.
  • AI Grenadiers and Sniper Elites will switch to their interception fire rounds if they've been hit by "no ammo" from interception fire.
  • "No ammo" does not work on Tanks.
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