Technical Information
Affiliation Imperial
Length 8.47m
Width 3.62m
Height 3.66m
Weight 53 tons
Top speed 45km/h
Engine power 850hp at 3000rpm
Weapons Mustela D-25T 43/122mm cannon
Uranus 9mm tank machine gun
Gameplay Information
Hitpoints / locations Body 3,200 HP, defence 600, critical 1.5, flees if Body HP drops below 50%
Treads 850 HP, defence 100
Appearances Chapter 05: The Kloden Wildwood
Lupus Regnum / Lupus Armoured
Lupus Regnum.png
Technical Information
Affiliation Imperial
Length 8.80m
Width 4.64m
Height 3.91m
Weight 68 tons
Top speed 35 km/h
Engine power 850hp at 3000rpm
Weapons Mustela D-25T 43/122mm cannon
Uranus 9mm tank machine gun
Smoke grenade launcher
Gameplay Information
Hitpoints / locations Armour 9,000 HP, defence 500
Body 4,000 HP, defence 900, critical 2.5
Treads 1,100 HP, defence 250
Appearances Chapter 17: The Bridge to Hope

The Lupus was a heavy tank commanded by General Radi Jaeger in the invasion of southern Gallia. It is featured in battles during Chapter 5 and Chapter 17, both times appearing as a boss. In its later encounter with Squad 7 the Lupus boasts enhanced armour plating and a smoke mortar.


One of the latest Imperial tank models was further enhanced specifically for General Jaeger to use in the invasion of Southern Gallia. It's treads are common for a heavy-class tank, but it sports an ambitious 122mm cannon, the largest in the Empire at the time it was developed. The use of sloped glacis plating around the body represents just one portion of the beast's comprehensive defense.

The later form, the Lupus Regnum, made under Jaeger's direction, added extra armor plating over the radiator (a weak point common to all tank models) along with other parts of the hull and turret. In addition to weighing the tank down considerably, this design bore a strong risk of overheating when operated for an extended period of time. Jaeger overcame that flaw by operating the vehicle near his platoon's camps, where auxiliary cooling measures could be taken while attacking the enemy. A smoke mortar was also added on the turret.



20190714063122 1.jpg

Lupus Regnum

20190714062808 1.jpg


  • Like most Imperial weapons, the Lupus has a Latin animal name: Lupus is Latin for "wolf." The term is most commonly used to describe subspecies of the genus Canis which include the dingo, most wolves and the domestic dog.
  • "Regnum" means "kingdom" or "to rule," presumably in reference to the Allied translation of "Königstiger" as "Royal" or "King" Tiger rather than the more correct "Bengal Tiger."
  • As for design influence, the Lupus seems to have a similar turret to the STB-1, with Germanic influences (for instance, the suspension is inspired by the Tiger I's, and the overall layout is very akin to that of the Maus). Additionally, the Lupus is the only tank in the game which is actually heavier than the historical counterpart.
  • The Lupus appears in VCIII as a boss type unit whose front armor can protect it from almost any weapon in the game. Its side armor and rear armor are weaker.
  • With a barrel length of 43 calibers, the Lupus' D-25T cannon has the longest bore of the proper tanks of VC1, with a length of 5,246mm. It also has the least difference between the in-game and real life versions.



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