Lt. Nonnenkof
Unit Class Shocktrooper-insignia.png Shocktrooper
Weapon Drop ZM MP 2(g)
Chapter 05: The Kloden Wildwood

Lt. Nonnenkof is one of the Imperial aces encountered in the original Valkyria Chronicles game.

He first appears in Chapter 05: The Kloden Wildwood, defending the Imperial supply base where he is armed with the ZM MP 2(g), which is also your reward for defeating him. He may also move outside of the supply base itself to attack units approaching along the road or side paths.

Nonnenkof then makes a number of additional appearances during the game having being promoted to Cpt. Nonnenkof, Maj. Nonnenkof, and Col. Nonnenkof.

Stats and Equipment

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  • Defense - 7
  • Accuracy - 83
  • Evade - 40


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  • Like many aces Lt. Nonnenkof has high evasion and it is often better to try and attack him from behind to ensure your attack will connect.
  • Nonnenkof was promoted after the battle of Marberry Shore which has prompted some speculation that it was he who had mortally wounded Isara, however this seems unlikely as Nonnenkof is not a sniper.

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