This is a list of major characters that appear in the Valkyria Chronicles video game series and related media.

Valkyria Chronicles

Principality of Gallia

EPS Valkyria Welkin Alicia Headshot EPS Valkyria Isara EPS Valkyria LargoPotter
Welkin Gunther Alicia Melchiott Isara Gunther Largo Potter
EPS Valkyria BrigitteRosieStark EPS Valkyria Zaka EPS Valkyria EleanorVarrot EPS Valkyria FaldioLandzaat
Brigitte "Rosie" Stark Zaka Eleanor Varrot Faldio Landzaat
Cordelia Headshot Maurits von Borg headshot General damon headshot Ellet Headshot
Cordelia gi Randgriz Maurits von Borg Georg von Damon Irene Ellet

East Europan Imperial Alliance

EPS Valkyria Maximilian EPS Valkyria Selvaria Radi Headshot Berthold Headshot
Maximilian Selvaria Bles Radi Jaeger Berthold Gregor

Atlantic Federation

Jean Townshend

Valkyria Chronicles 2

Principality of Gallia

ValkyriaChronicles2-Character1-1 ValkyriaChronicles2-Character2-1 ValkyriaChronicles2-Character3-1 Aliasse headshot
Avan Hardins Cosette Coalhearth Zeri Aliasse
Hubert brixham headshot Lawrence Kluivert headshot Julliana everhart headshot Leon hardins headshot
Hubert Brixham Laurence Kluivert Juliana Everhart Leon Hardins
Welkin vc2 headshot Alicia vc2 headshot Cordelia vc2 headshot Clementia headshot
Welkin Gunther Alicia Melchiott Cordelia Gi Randgriz Clementia Förster

Gallian Revolutionary Army

Gilbert gassenarl headshot Baldren headshot Audrey headshot Dirk headshot
Gilbert Gassenarl Baldren Gassenarl Audrey Gassenarl Dirk Gassenarl

Atlantic Federation

Jean townshend vc2 headshot
Jean Townshend

Valkyria Chronicles 3

Principality of Gallia

Kurt Irving headshot Riela Marcellis headshot Imca headshot Gusurg headshot
Kurt Irving Riela Marcellis Imca Gusurg
Ramsey Crowe headshot Carl isler headshot Gennaro Borgia headshot
Ramsey Crowe Carl Isler Gennaro Borgia
Welkin vc3 headshot Alicia vc3 headshot Isara vc3 headshot
Welkin Gunther Alicia Melchiott Isara Gunther
Avan vc3 headshot Cosette vc3 headshot Zeri vc3 headshot Juliana vc3 headshot
Avan Hardins Cosette Coalhearth Zeri Juliana Everhart
Baldren VC3 headshot Audrey VC3 headshot Hubert headshot Leon vc3 headshot
Baldren Gassenarl Audrey Gassenarl Hubert Brixham Leon Hardins

East Europan Imperial Alliance

Dahau headshot Lydia Agthe headshot Zig headshot
Dahau Lydia Agthe Zig
Maximilian vc3 headshot Selvaria Bles headshot Radi jaeger vc3 headshot Berthold gregor vc3 headshot Clementia vc3 headshot
Maximilian Selvaria Bles Radi Jaeger Berthold Gregor Clementia Förster

Valkyria Chronicles 4

Atlantic Federation

Claude Wallace headshot Riley Miller headshot Raz headshot Kai Schulen headshot
Claude Wallace Riley Miller Raz Kai Schulen
Angelica Farnaby headshot Minerva Victor headshot Karen Stewart headshot Ragnarok headshot
Angelica Farnaby Minerva Victor Karen Stewart Ragnarok
Miles Arbeck headshot Dan Bentley headshot Ronald Albee headshot Roland Morgan headshot
Miles Arbeck Dan Bentley Ronald Albee Roland Morgan
Bryan Haddock headshot Mary Bennett headshot Ruch headshot André Dunois headshot
Bryan Haddock Mary Bennett Ruch Andre Dunois
Sergio Mousquelaire headshot
Sergio Maskyura

East Europan Imperial Alliance

Crymaria Levinc headshot Forseti headshot 100px 100px
Crymaria Levin Forseti Heinrich Belgar Chiara Rocino
100px Klaus Walz headshot Selvaria Bles headshot
Nikola Graf Klaus Walz Selvaria Bles

Valkyria Revolution

Jutland Kingdom

Ruzhien Empire

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