Lindbergh Base

Lindbergh Base acts as the headquarters for Squad E and serves as the main hub until Chapter 08: The Crystal Sea in Valkyria Chronicles 4. The hub itself becomes available after its introduction in Chapter 02: The Liberation of Reine.


As the Eastern Theater grew in scope, so too did its logistical demands. To meet their supply needs, the Federation army built massive forward operating base on the Empire's western front.

This FOB was outfitted with quarters to house over 3,000 soldiers - including showers and rec rooms - and a hangar that could store over 100 tanks. Its facilities also held the ammunition, fuel, and rations required for a large-scale operation, along with a refueling station for military vehicles and ships.

Operation Northern Cross was expected to be a long campaign, and for the soldiers of the Edinburgh army, it was a vital lifeline in their fight against the Imperial army's logistical advantage.


Command Room

Similar to its counterpart in Valkyria Chronicles, the Command Room serves as the place where the recruit roster can be checked and the team composition changed if need be. This also includes features from the Squad Barracks in the first game, where equipment and potentials can be viewed and (for equipment) changed.

Training Field

This area allows Experience to be allocated to level up the various infantry classes. Presented as a training field run by Minerva Victor, it's simply a matter of using left and right on the analog stick to allocate Experience and then waiting for the bar to fill; giving a class multiple levels at once will requiring doing so repeatedly. A tab showing if leveling a class will allow them to unlock a Battle Potential or Order is also there.

The background is a dirt field with some Federation troops running in the background.

R&D Facility

This area, controlled by Miles Arbeck, allows the player to exchange in-game currency, called Ducats (DCT), for weapon and armor upgrades. The available upgrades are locked on a chapter-by-chapter basis.

The background is in front of an R&D storage tent on an open-air dirt field, with organized boxes of parts and the Hafen in the foreground.

Mess Hall

Similar to the War Cemetery in Valkyria Chronicles, this location acts as a place to learn Orders by spending experience. These are learned from the main squad members, usually including Riley, Kai, Raz, Miles, or a combination of them. Later on, Minerva and Ronald participate as well. Unlike the first game, the Orders learned are not randomized: They are unlocked in a set order, so they cannot be "skipped" to learn the next one.

Private Quarters

The Private Quarters serves as Claude's room, where he can read or review supplementary information. These are: Personnel, Weaponry, Glossary, News, Decorations, Statistics, and Tutorials. In the postgame, the Music Room can be unlocked for listening.

The background is the inside of a tent with a bed, stool, desk, and various boxes.


  • In-game, Lindbergh Base was controlled by the Edinburgh Army's 101st division, the overarching unit in charge of the Edinburgh Army Ranger units like Squad E.
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