• Leila Peron
Leila Peron
Leila in Valkyria Chronicles 3.
Alias Number 23
Queen of the Continent
Birth Date c.1915 (Aged 22 by 1937)
Height 165cm
Affiliation Gallian Army
Role Gallian Army personnel
Preferred Shocktrooper3-insignia.png Shocktrooper
Lancer3-insignia.png Lancer
Likes Alfons
Valkyria Chronicles 3
Valkyria Chronicles 3 OVA
Voice Acting
Japanese Umeka Shōji
"I'm going to build a world without war for you all!!"
—Leila Peron, Valkyria Chronicles 3

Leila Peron (レイラ・ピエローニ Reira Pierōni?), known as "Number 23", is the older sister of Homer Peron and a shocktrooper in Gallian Army Squad 422. She is domineering and self-righteous, and likes to call herself "Queen of the Continent." She was first revealed on the 100th post of the official Valkyria Chronicles blog, interrupting a conversation between her brother and Edy Nelson. In the Japanese version, her family name is written as Pieroni.


A sadist by nature, Leila was inspired by the weak-willed personality possessed by her younger brother Homer to better him through whatever means necessary, including physical punishment. Not satisfied with just her brother, Leila made it her personal mission to "educate" each and every "worthless man" in Europa. After her commanding officer in the Gallian military was on the receiving end of this education, however, she was immediately transferred to serve in Squad 422. However errant her methods may be, she still firmly believes that she can make the world a better place, and that the first step towards her continent-wide reeducation is a state of peace. So adamant is she that she once demanded that a group of Imperial troops bring her Maximilian so she could convince him to put an end to the Gallian invasion. As a member of the Nameless, Leila quickly took to using her riding crop on squad-mate Alfons Auclair.

In-game Description
  • Due to her dominating personality, she takes pleasure when others submit to her — truly a personality of a queen. She was sent to Nameless due to her "outspoken" nature.
  • Homer Peron of the militia's 3rd Regiment's Squad 7 is her younger brother. Her desire to "educate" men stems from her bond with him; each loving lash helping him to mature.
  • She wishes for world peace and believes that if the men under Maximilian's command were "educated," the world's conflict would end. In her view, she's the only one for the job.
  • Post-war, she began "educating" men around the world for world peace. Although useless men are found everywhere, it doesn't worry her. She now acts as their "teacher."
Main article: Exceptional Woman

Leila enjoyed whipping men into shape with her beloved crop, but she was also very logical and often kept everyone in line. During a mission, when one particular imperial soldier was giving her a hard time, Leila went so far as to demand that the soldier serve her instead of Maximilian. The enemy was so bewildered by this bold demand that it led to an unexpected victory for Nameless. Despite the triumph, Leila was severely disappointed that she was unable to tame the imperial soldier. Leila was very serious about her goal of bringing peace to the world by making every man kneel to her authority.

Expanded Biography
"A dominatrix who hopes to establish world peace by "training" men with her whip of love."

Leila used to be in the Gallian Militia, but her company was commanded by a despicable captain who used intimidation tactics to control his subordinates and often forced the female squad members under his command to amuse him at night. Leila was not one to put up with such shenanigans, however, and gave her captain a taste of her crop. As a result, Leila was immediately transferred to Nameless for insubordination. Leila has an extremely dominant personality, and loves the feeling of having others obey her orders. She first realized she had this fetish when she was whipping her younger brother, Homer Peron from the first game, into shape. Leila really does care for Homer, and her crop is filled with hope for his future whenever she is dealing with him.

Leila likes Gothic fashion and always has her trusty crop in her hand. She's arrogant and overconfident, but has the admirable (?) goal of bending the world's men to her strong will in order to build a new, peaceful world. Even after being transferred to Nameless, she had her male squadmates submitting to her aggressive personality in no time. After Nameless was disbanded, Leila took to traveling the world as a "trainer", searching for useless men in need of her distinct touch. Such men are a dime a dozen, so she never has trouble finding new targets.




Max stats
Class HP AP Accuracy Defense Evade
Scout Elite 316 650 36 16 50
Trooper Elite 384 300 42 18 58
Lancer Elite 390 250 43 24 56
Engineer Elite 331 450 37 17 50
Tech Elite 319 350 - 54 48
Sniper Elite 314 250 37 14 49
Gunner Elite 325 300 36 18 49
Fencer Elite 322 350 - 21 47


Personal potentials
Potential Description
Sadist When initiating an attack, anti-personnel damage can be raised.
Recalling Little Brother If on dirt, grass, or sandy terrain, defense may be raised.
Temper Defense may be lowered when near three or more allied units.
World Dominatrix Anti-personnel damage is raised when near allied units. Obtained following completion of the Fragment A Lady Like no Other.
Battle potentials

In Valkyria Chronicles 3, all characters share the same set of battle potentials for each and every unit classes. For the list of battle potentials, see Potentials in Valkyria Chronicles 3.

Other Appearances

Samurai & Dragons

Leila in Samurai and Dragons.

Leila makes an appearance in Samurai & Dragons as a UC monster card. As an UC monster card, Leila is of the Mercenary race and possesses the unique base skill, Educational Guidance.



  • Leila is the second person who could be defined as a sadist (her method of "teaching" men quite obviously plays to such a fetish), and through Homer's actions, the second incestuous character (along with her brother) and first such woman in the series.
  • Leila's grounds for Namelessness was a transfer from the Gallian Militia to Nameless for breach of military regulations (violence against a superior).
  • Leila and her brother, Homer, are played by the same voice actress in Japan.


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