Leanbluff forest


Leanbluff Forest is a hilly, wooded area to the east of Anthold in southern Gallia that forms part of the Kloden Plateau region. Beech, oak and elm grow in great numbers there. Castle Leanbluff, which rises above the forest, was built by Count Menor, who once ruled the area.

Following the rebellion, the southern transport hub of Anthold came under rebel control, preventing travel on the main road linking Randgriz and Anthold. People were forced to use smaller roads such as Route 121, which passes through the forest.


Leanbluff Forest areas consist of complex, maze-like terrain. It is easy for units to become isolated due to many narrow pathways. There are many broken ladders across the areas so it is useful to equip the tank with Constructor Arm backpack part. Players should also pay attentions to the grass areas as there are always ambushers ready to take your camps if they are unguarded.

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