• Lavinia Lane
Lavinia Lane
Lavinia in Valkyria Chronicles 2.
Birth Date c.1916 (Aged 21 by 1937)
Height 168cm
Affiliation Lanseal Military Academy
Unit Class G
Role Lanseal cadet (former)
Tank commander (former)
R&D specialist
Likes Avan Hardins
Marion Siegbahn
"All right, move yer rears! I need space to get this tank on the road!"
—Lavinia Lane, Valkyria Chronicles 2

Lavinia Lane (ラビニア・レイン Rabinia Rein?) is a tank mechanic at Lanseal, and the commander of Squad G's tank (named by the player). She is voiced by Satomi Satou in the Japanese version.


Valkyria Chronicles 2

Lavinia Lane was Class G's tank commander and mechanic, in addition to managing R&D efforts at Lanseal. She was plain-spoken but caring and liked to help those in need. Originally a mechanic, Lavinia decided to start piloting her own tanks after a friend of hers fell victim to the Ghost Tank while driving one of her tanks. She blamed herself for being unable to keep that friend and the rest of their squad alive.

Leon Hardins, one of the survivors of the attack, assured Lavinia that as soon as she built a stronger tank, the two of them would defeat the Ghost Tank together. However, Leon's death came before they could fulfill that promise, leaving Lavinia guilt-ridden.

Lavinia went on to serve as Class G's tank engineer, driver, and R&D specialist. With the help of Avan Hardins and the rest of Class G, Lavinia was later able to defeat the Ghost Tank, finally avenging her friend and breaking free of her past regrets. Lavinia embraced Avan after the destruction of the Ghost Tank, much to the latter's surprise, and her words implied she held feelings for Leon.

Following the civil war, she stayed at Lanseal after the others graduated to help restore the academy.

Freshmen Cadet Guide

R&D specialist who became a member of Class G back in February as a tank commander. Unlike other infantry cadets, she will not be earning credits to advance her role, but is in charge of repairing and improving vehicles as well as upgrading all infantry equipment to support her assigned squad. She acts as a big sister who can uplift the team, and will not be wasting her time on the field when she identifies multiple enemies ahead.


  • The Tank Pilot
  • Exacting Revenge
  • You Have Friends
  • Ghost Exorcised

Personal Potentials

  • Big Sister - Looks out for comrades on the battlefield, raising firing accuracy and attack power against infantry targets.
  • Bloodthirsty - Natural aggression lets them attack again before a counterattack.
  • Wounded Heart - Past regrets cast a shadow on their heart, lowering firing accuracy.
  • Tank Mastery - Various abilities are raised at all times. (Replaces Wounded Heart after completing her classmate mission Ghostly Vengeance.)

Other Appearances

Samurai & Dragons

Lavinia in Samurai and Dragons.

Lavinia makes an appearance in Samurai & Dragons as a R monster card. As a R monster card, Lavinia is of the Mercenary race and possesses the unique base skill, Bossy Girl.


Squad Leader Voice
"Time to show 'em what a real tank can do!"
"Shake a leg, kids! And don't let me see you slacking off!"
"Hah! They think they're ready for us."
"Right, let's get 'er done!"
"I'm rolling out!"
"Go down!" noicon
"Eat this!" noicon
Killing a foe
"Down you go."
"Enemy silent!"
Enemy Sighted
"I see you there!"
"Hostile spotted!"
Team Attack
"I got you covered!"
"Need a hand?"
"Make room, Avan!"


"Stay clear, Marion!" (Marion)
"Move up, Jugin!" (Jugin)
Personal Potentials
"All right, kids. Follow me!" (Big Sister)
"Heh, cute! I can take you all." (Bloodthirsty)
"If only I'd been more careful, they'd still be..." (Wounded Heart)
"A dozen ghost tanks couldn't stop me!" (Tank Mastery)
Personal Potentials
"Feeling good. We got this one!"
"Heh! Hope you're ready for me!"
Tank Repaired
"Thanks, kid."
Rescuing an Ally
"Medic! Over here, and floor it!"
After Medic Visit
"Avan... You're gonna let it end here?" (Avan)
"Marion, are you okay? Hang in there!" (Marion)
"All right! Nap time's over, Jugin." (Jugin)
Taking Damage
"Damage minimal." (minimal damage) noicon
"I'm all right." (minimal damage) noicon
"This is nothing!" (minimal damage) noicon
"Major damage!" (major AT damage / AT mine) noicon
"This is bad..." (major AT damage / AT mine) noicon
HP Critical
"I've still got miles in me..."
"It'll take more than that."
"Not here... Not..."
"Ugh... How can I... face them like this?"
Status Ailment
"Dgh, my output's lagging."


  • Lavinia is arguably the most overpowered unit in the game, even more so once the Light Tank B frame (which only costs one CP to use) is unlocked, and especially after completing her post-game character mission and unlocking the Tank Mastery potential (essentially a +90% increase to all relevant stats). Her Bloodthirsty potential and the ability to obtain amazing captured Ace turrets as early as March only compounds this.
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