Laurence Kluivert
Lawrence Kluivert
Birth Date c.1876 (Aged 61 by 1937)
Height 171cm
Affiliation Gallian Army
Lanseal Military Academy
Rank(s) Lt gen profileLieutenant General
Role Lanseal Headmaster
Voice Acting
Japanese Takeshi Aono
English David Anthony Pizzuto

Laurence Kluivert (ローレンス・クライファート Rōrensu Kuraifāto?) is the headmaster of Lanseal Royal Military Academy.


Scion of a family that had produced officers for the Gallian military for generations, Laurence was expected to carry on the family tradition and enlisted. An accident however prevented Laurence from being deployed to the front lines, though his abilities as a staff officer ensured his continued rise through the ranks. Laurence was eventually promoted to the rank of Lieutenant General and appointed the headmaster of the Lanseal Military Academy. In addition to overseeing the school, Laurence acted as the liaison to the army's chain of command.

The Secrets Behind Project Valhalla

Near the end of the second Imperial invasion of Gallia, Laurence joined with Clementia Förster and Gilbert Gassenarl to create the Asgardian Council to duplicate and improve on the Artificial Valkyria technology demonstrated by Maximilian. Using his position as Lanseal's headmaster, Laurence scouted for suitable candidates for the effort, now dubbed Project Valhalla. Two candidates were approached, a Darcsen named Jugin and Leon Hardins. Leon ultimately underwent the procedure which, while successful in transforming him into a powerful Artificial Valkyria dubbed the V0, shattered his personality and left him highly susceptible to outside influence.

Around this time, Gilbert formed the Gallian Revolutionary Army and initiated an open revolt against the government of Archduchess Cordelia. The Asgardian Council disbanded, though Clementia remained at Lanseal to continue her work. Laurence resumed his search for more candidates, changing the entry tests to also test for a student's aptitude for conversion into an Artificial Valkyria. He soon found his next candidate in Juliana Everhart, the chair of Class A. Laurence continued to cover for Clementia's human experimentation but events came to a head when the GRA attacked Lanseal. Juliana underwent the conversion process in an effort to protect her friends from the V2 Artificial Valkyria employed by the rebels, but was fatally wounded in the ensuing battle. The rebels also found Clementia's lab and seized all of the research notes stored there. Realizing the GRA would now turn his efforts against Gallia, Laurence suffered a mental breakdown and committed suicide, but not before revealing the truth about Leon to his brother Avan Hardins and Lanseal instructor Hubert Brixham.


Valkyria Chronicles 2

Valkyria Chronicles Duel

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