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"You can put me down?!"
Raz entering Last Stand

Kai Schulen entering Last Stand on the Imperial turn.

Last Stand is a game mechanic introduced in Valkyria Chronicles 4. It allows a soldier a chance of performing one final deed when their HP is reduced to zero, before they enter critical condition.


Last Stand is introduced during "Breaking the Line 3," the third combat mission of Chapter 4: The Battle of Siegval. Starting with this mission (and applying retroactively to re-fights of previous missions), when an infantry unit falls in battle, there is a chance that a time-limited prompt will show up, with the options to "Inspire" on the left and on the right either "Stand Up" if it is the player's turn, or "Counter" if it is the enemy's turn.

Last Stand triggers randomly as if it is a Potential, but has a 100% chance of triggering if the downed unit's morale is high (their Command Mode icon is surrounded by a white glow and sparkles).

Tanks cannot trigger Last Stand.


Always available as the option on the left, and triggers as the default option if the player has not made a choice when the timer runs down. Inspire grants an instant morale boost to the nearest ally, alongside a stat buff based on the class of the Inspire user. It also grants an additional Command Point on either the player's current turn, or their next turn if it is used on the enemy's turn.

As a result of the latter, there are some highly degenerate tactics involving "inspire chains" in which a soldier with boosted morale will attack and then deliberately go down to give their Inspiration to another soldier.

Stand Up

The unit makes a literal last stand. They are granted one more Action with a full AP bar and complete immunity to all damage and debuffs, but go down as soon as they perform an Action or end their turn. Soldiers using Stand Up cannot trigger their Potentials or use healing equipment (they cannot use Ragnaid or Recovery Ragnaid either on themselves or others, and Engineers also cannot use their Repair Tool), but can select their weapons and tools as normal, and can still perform context actions other than retreating or entering the Cactus.

Notably, the only mission which cannot be completed by a soldier during Stand Up is the one where the ability is introduced.


The unit will make a normal counterattack against the enemy that downed them, before going into critical condition. The enemy still has a normal chance to evade. Option does not appear if the unit that downed them is outside the normal range for counter-fire, or if the unit is from a class that cannot normally counter-attack (Lancers, Grenadiers and non-Elite Snipers).