Lancers are the games primary anti-armour specialists.

Gallian Lancers

Armed with high-power launchers carrying a variety of warheads, small ragnaid canisters and equipped with heavily armoured blast shields (army and militia lancers) or combat suits (Lanseal lancers) which protect them from mines, gunfire and mortar blasts, Lancers excel at attacks against armoured vehicles.

Lancers have relatively few action due to their heavy armours and weapons and cannot intercept enemy units, counter attack or launch cooperative assaults with adjacent allied units. Lancers (and tanks) are able to clear a path (Not very straight if a lancer) through a minefield if you haven't got a engineer within range (It is much safer to use a lancer than use a tank as there may be some anti-tank mines hidden among the anti-infantry ones).

Valkyria Chronicles


Lancers have the highest defense and hit points of any infantry unit in the game. Their low accuracy, low rate of fire and inability to counter enemy fire or intercept enemy units can hinder their effectiveness against infantry until mortar lances become available later in the game.

Standard equipment


Level Experience Unlocks
2 252 1st Potential
3 939
4 2031 2nd Potential
5 3509
6 5363
7 7583 Order: Damage Boost
8 10164 Order: Demolition Boost
9 13099
10 16385
11 20016 Elite: Mortar & 3rd Potential
12 23990
13 28303
14 32952
15 37934 Order: Healing Boost
16 43248
17 48890
18 54859
19 61153 Order: Resupply
20 67769 4th Potential

Total upgrade cost: 478439 experience

Valkyria Chronicles 2

Instead of blast shields, lancers from Lanseal force are equipped with combat suits which also protect them from explosions but not from cannon fire. The Lancer class tree, along with armoured tech tree, is the most versatile class as it can effectively massacre both infantry and armor with ease; like in VC1, they are also capable of clearing minefields, since they take so little damage from mine explosions.

Lancers in Valkyria Chronicles 2 can upgrade to become either Lancer Veterans or Mortarers.

Standard equipment

Valkyria Chronicles 3

Instead of blast shields, lancers in Valkyria Chronicles 3 are equipped with combat suits which also protect them from explosions but not from cannon fire; this also means they can be badly damaged by mines, preventing their use (as in previous games) to clear minefields).

Lancers in Valkyria Chronicles 3 can upgrade to Lancer Veterans and then to Lancer Elites; no matter their rank, they always have a default mobility of only 250 AP.

Standard equipment

Imperial Lancers

An Imperial lancer

The East Europan Imperial Alliance also fielded lancers during the war.

Imperial lancers wore more armor than their Gallian counterparts, with a design that hearkens back to medieval times. Acting as a support for Imperial squads, the Empires lancers were able to neutralize enemy armor and provide heavy fire support for infantry.


  • In the original Japanese version of Valkyria Chronicles, the name of the unit literally translated as "Anti-Tank Troop". In Valkyria Chronicles 4, the launcher used by Federation anti-tank troops look less like a lance and more like a super-sized rifle.

    Federation lancer and Imperial lancer standing side by side.

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