The Kingdom of Fhirald was an independent sovereign state conquered by the East Europan Imperial Alliance during the First Europan War (EWI).


It is not known whether Fhirald was a part of or allied to the Federation, or like Gallia was neutral, prior to the start of EWI. It is heavily implied by Radi Jaeger that during the conflict the kingdom surrendered before it was beaten militarily in the hopes that the invaders would be more lenient during their occupation and could eventually be persuaded to grant the kingdom its independence, perhaps as a vassal state.

By the end of Valkyria Chronicles Jaeger states his intention to return to Fhirald and lead its people in rebellion against the Empire.

Geography & Culture

Very little information exists regarding the Kingdom of Fhirald, however, it is possible to make an educated guess that the kingdom was run by a benevolent monarch or liberal constitutional monarch and that the people hold in high regard the notions of nobility and chivalry. There also seems to be a tradition amongst soldiers to decorate their uniforms with large animal skulls worn on one or both of their shoulders as well as carrying large thick bladed swords.

Notable Characters from Fhirald

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