Kanazar the Lynx
Weapon Drop ZM Kar 9(g)

Kanazar the Lynx is an Imperial ace Scout who appears in the fourth trial in the Challenges of the Edy Detachment DLC for Valkyria Chronicles.

Kanazar is all but hidden at the very bottom of the map close to the eastern entrance to the port and is armed with the ZM Kar 9(g), which is also your reward for defeating him.

The enemy ace Kanazar the Lion also appears in the main game during Chapter 07: The Battle of Barious, whether this is the same person or a sibling is unknown.


  • Like many aces in the challenge missions Kanazar is an upgraded version of Kanazar the Lion from the main game.
  • Like many enemy aces Kanazar has very high evasion and must be attacked from behind or by a character with the undodgeable shot class potential in order for the player to have any chance of hitting him.
  • Kanazar the Lynx can be defeated using the smokescreen trick, simply deploy a smokescreen using the Edelweiss and engage him through it, he will not be able to see his attacker and therefore will never dodge.

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