• Juliana Everhart
Juliana Everhart
Juliana in Valkyria Chronicles 2.
Alias Princess
Birth Date c.1920 (Aged 17 by 1937)
Gender Female
Height 168cm
Affiliation Lanseal Military Academy
Role Officer Cadet
Lanseal cadet
Class chair
Unit Class Armored-tech-insignia.png Armored Tech
Fencer-insignia.png Fencer
Likes Zeri
Valkyria Chronicles 2
Valkyria Chronicles 3
Voice Acting
Japanese Ryoko Shiraishi
English Karen Strassman
"Those with a will should fight! I will neither run nor hide!!"
—Juliana Everhart, Valkyria Chronicles 3

Juliana Everhart (ユリアナ・エーベルハルト Yuriana Ēberuharuto?) is the daughter and heiress of the noble Everhart family. This makes her extremely wealthy and prideful, especially as the Everharts owned large swathes of land and were one of the oldest Gallian families.





Valkyria Chronicles 2
Afforded the best education her family could afford, Juliana grew into an intelligent and proud young woman. After enrolling at Lanseal, she became the chair of Class A. Due to her heritage, Juliana was quick to rebuke those she considered of a lower station and often derided members of other classes. This was especially true for Class G, whom Juliana considered a disgrace to Lanseal. Juliana did however recognize others with talent and continued to respect Leon Hardins even after the latter's disappearance and supposed death.
Expanded Biography (VC2)
Always Aiming for the Top
"Your sustained presence at this academy shames me. You stain Lanseal's name!"
—Valkyria Chronicles 2 WORLD ARTWORKS Description
Juliana is the heiress of the long-standing Everhart family, who have been around since the founding of Gallia itself. Her strict father raised her to be the best at everything, and she received advanced tutoring from a very young age. As a result of her parents' pressure as well as her own efforts, Juliana grew to be a talented and intelligent young woman. Unfortunately, these superior abilities also nurtured an overconfidence and arrogance in Juliana.

The Everhart family had strong ties with the Borg family, so Juliana's father always had some level of political power. When the Second Europan War revealed Chancellor Borg's intention to betray Gallia, all of his previous responsibilities were transferred to Juliana's father, giving the Everhart family even more political influence.

When Juliana received an invitation from Lanseal, she was more than happy to take the opportunity to prove the greatness of the Everhart name. It didn't take long for her to claim her place as the class chair of Class A.

Looking Down on Class G
Juliana considers it her personal duty to be the best. The effort she has put in to become the best has resulted in an arrogant personality, and her facial expression is usually set in a confident smirk. Juliana is easily disgusted by those she considers "inferior" to herself, and she carries within her the common prejudices against Darcsens.
First Confrontation
Juliana's frank disdain for slackers often brings her to Class G for the sole purpose of telling the students there how inferior they are. It is possible that this is her way of trying to encourage others to better themselves, and one thing for certain is that Avan never would have been named chair of Class G if it wasn't for Juliana's involvement.
Sense of Duty and Confidence
Juliana's absolute confidence in herself is supported by the genuine effort she has put in to get where she is. As a noble, she feels it is her duty to lead others, which is what led her to take the position of class chair.
Classmates' Trust
Though Juliana's arrogant personality may seem self-serving, it is clear that she is charismatic in a way that is simply different from Avan. This is made clear by the fact that the students of Class A have come to place absolute trust in her leadership.
"Class A" Body
Juliana's glamorous figure always places her at the center of attention. Simply swimming laps in the pool is enough to halt all poolside activity. But even the almighty Juliana has a weakness: signing. Juliana mastered the violin at a young age and boasts perfect pitch, but for some reason she was not born with a knack for singing. She received personal training from a specialized tutor when she was young, but she never improved.
Feelings for Zeri
Juliana is so superior in every respect that she has never had someone she could call a true friend, someone whom she could speak to as an equal. She never thought she needed anyone like that, so it came as a surprise to her when she found those qualities in Zeri. This relationship was only made possible because Juliana was willing to acknowledge Theimer's genius despite the fact that he was a Darcsen. This led to periodic conversations with Zeri, who was also interested in Theimer's work.
Zeri Messes Up
As Juliana slowly began seeing Zeri as more than just a Darcsen, she agreed to read a book he recommended. Unfortunately, Zeri didn't realize she hadn't finished reading the book yet, and gave away the ending. Needless to say, Juliana was not pleased.
Passionate Debate
When Avan heard Juliana yelling at Zeri, he assumed she was once again harassing Zeri over his Darcsen heritage. But when Avan arrived on the scene, he found the two in a heated yet relatively friendly debate over political matters.
Cry for Attention
When she noticed Zeri and the others hanging out by the pool, Juliana made it a point to stop by and dish out her usual haughty observations. Though her mean-spirited comments may not hint at much of a change, the fact that she went through the trouble of thinking up an excuse to join in on their merriment suggests that she simply wanted attention.
Turning Point
When the members of Class A started blaming Juliana for their loss at the Laevatein Cup Finals, it was Zeri who stepped in to defend her. Though Zeri's rage was purely fueled by Class A's unreasonable application of fault rather than any notion of protecting Juliana, this moment marked a significant change in the way Juliana viewed Zeri.
Trying for Sincerity
On the day of the festival, Juliana seemed different somehow. She clearly had something she wanted to say, but Zeri was oblivious to the end. This challenge may be too difficult, even for Juliana.
Cosette's Thoughs on Juliana
"I have to admit I'm really surprised with the way Juliana has changed, but I think I'm even more surprised that Zeri still hasn't figured out how she feels... I guess it's up to me to get those two together!"
Dreaming of a Brighter Tomorrow
Julian was willing to sacrifice everything to secure a brighter future for Gallia. This conviction came naturally to Juliana, who had been raised by a strict father to be a noble worthy of leading the common folk. Though Juliana always gave every effort to be the best at everything, her dedication was not self-serving. No doubt she envisioned graduating from Lanseal with top honors to go on and do her part to build a better Gallia for everyone.
Submitting to Protect Valhalla
Juliana was yet another student who had been nominated for "Project Valhalla", the secret project that Headmaster Kluivert had been supporting. Juliana had agreed to participate in this project out of a sense of duty, believing that she would be serving Gallia. Giving everything for her country was a notion that had been bred into Juliana as the daughter of a noble family.
For the Future
The research and technology surrounding the Artificial Valkyria Armor was still a long way from perfect, and Juliana understood that donning the armor most likely sealed her fate. Despite this knowledge, Juliana made the decision to fight for Gallia's future.
Juliana had been too afraid to call Zeri by his name, though she had thought to do so many times. As she started to fade in Zeri's arms, Juliana gave him a handmade bracelet to protect him in her stead. Then, with hope for a brighter future in her heart and Zeri's name on her lips, Juliana closed her eyes for the last time.
Expanded Biography (VC3)
"A beautiful young noble who stakes her pride on becoming an elite military officer."
Juliana is a noble by birth and received only the best education growing up. She enrolled in Lanseal Royal Military Academy with the intention of eventually standing at the top Gallia's military forces. The combination of her hard work and natural talents soon saw Juliana guiding her schoolmates as a charismatic leader.

As a Lanseal student, Juliana got her first taste of real battle in an unexpected way. She and her squad ran into imperial troops out on the Naggiar Plains, and it was only with Leon's assistance that she was able to lead her squad to victory. Leon and Juliana both acknowledged each other's abilities, and promised to meet up again in the near future under more pleasant circumstances. Sadly, neither of them could have anticipated the cruel twist of fate that would make such a reunion impossible.

After the Gallian Campaign, Juliana found herself acting as the chair for Class A, the class comprised of Lanseal's best and brightest. Aside from being a very capable leader, Juliana enjoys telling others what to do because she believes that such is her duty as a noble.


Valkyria Chronicles 2

Upon the entrance of several new cadets, Juliana took it upon herself to visit class G to put its new members in their place. This placed her in direct conflict with Avan Hardins, Cosette Coalhearth, and Zeri. Juliana was especially incensed when Zeri dared talk back to her, displaying the anti-Darcsen prejudice common to many Gallians. This resulted in a fierce rivalry between Class A and Class G, as Juliana continued to belittle their accomplishments and argue with Zeri. However, even Juliana was unable to ignore Zeri's innate intelligence and skill and the two soon discovered many common interests, much to Juliana's chagrin. Zeri on the other hand began to see Juliana in a new light after she admitted to respecting the engineer Theimer despite his being a Darcsen.

The heated rivalry would ultimately turn into grudging respect after Class A's loss at the Laevatein Cup finals to Class G. The other members of Class A were furious at the loss and blamed Juliana, but Zeri came to her defense. Moved, Juliana made peace with her classmates and promised to work harder for everyone's sake. As the months passed, Juliana found herself growing attracted to Zeri. Her pride however refused to permit her to admit as such, though Cosette picked up on Juliana's feelings and tried to encourage the relationship. Avan on the other hand remained confused as to whether Juliana and Zeri were getting along at all, as more often than not he saw them arguing over a wide range of topics.

While at Lanseal, Juliana was approached by Laurence Kluivert, the headmaster, and Clementia Förster, to participate in an Artificial Valkyria project. Clementia needed test subjects for her experiments and the tests that had placed Juliana in Class A had also marked her as highly compatible with the process. While Laurence was prepared to give Juliana time to consider the offer, the Gallian Revolutionary Army attack on Lanseal forced Juliana's hand and the young woman agreed to undergo the procedure. The conversion was a success and Juliana was able to retain her sanity, but her newfound powers placed considerable strain on her body. Juliana successfully defeated several of the rebel V2 Artificial Valkyria, but was mortally wounded while engaging Dirk Gassenarl. Zeri however was close by and embraced her, giving Juliana the opportunity to confess her feelings and call him by his name, something she had been unable to do so before. As a reminder of their time together, Juliana gave Zeri her bracelet before passing away in his arms.


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  • Juliana plays violin and has learned perfect pitch but can't sing. Even lessons can't help her.
  • Juliana can be unlocked in Valkyria Chronicles 2 by getting 20 medals. This leads to a conundrum if she is deployed in the same mission in which she appears as an NPC, as there will be two Julianas present at the same time.
  • Juliana makes a cameo in Valkyria Chronicles 3.
  • Juliana is best known to players for two things: her initial attitude and her bust size (which didn't escape the attention of artists for VCD as they have her with Selvaria in one piece of art).
  • Juliana was initially supposed to be a male student but was made female in order to develop a good romance story.
  • Juliana's breasts in her earlier designs were a little bit larger at first but Raita Honjou changed his mind about it.


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