Jean Townshend
Birth Date c.1892 (Aged 45 by 1937)
Affiliation Atlantic Federation
Role Federation Ambassador to Gallia
Voice Acting
Japanese Keiji Hirai

Jean Townshend (ジャン・タウンゼント) was the ambassador appointed to Gallia by the Atlantic Federation's Foreign Ministry. He worked tirelessly trying to get Gallia to join the Federation.


Valkyria Chronicles

Appointed to lead the diplomatic mission to Gallia at an uncommonly young age, Cordelia's kidnapping was decided upon in secret by the Federation's high council and enacted by Townshend, supported by a cadre of elite operatives.

Though his affable demeanor suggested a temperate personality, reports describe him as a perfectionist willing to take any means necessary to achieve his aims.

Valkyria Chronicles 2

Despite the Federation's official support for Archduchess Cordelia as the legitimate leader of Gallia, Townshend brokered a deal with Gilbert Gassenarl that would see Gallia join the Federation should the GRA succeed in its rebellion. As such, the Federation provided the GRA access to a wide range of resources, ranging from ragnite and small arms to the battleship Dandarius.

The rebels ultimately succeeded in capturing Randgriz, but Gilbert was executed by his son for conspiring to join the Federation. Baldren Gassenarl was considerably less inclined to cooperate with the Federation and threatened Townshend to ensure the Federation continued providing its support. However, the rebels were unable to protect their gains from a renewed offensive by loyalist forces. With the disruption of their supply lines in southern Gallia by Lanseal forces, the rebels were eventually forced from the capital.

Sensing that the war was effectively lost, Baldren demanded that Townshend arrange a "diplomatic visit" for him as Gallia's Archduke to the Federation. Townshend joined Baldren at Anthold and the two prepared to flee to Federation territory using the battleship Dandarius. Lanseal forces however intervened once more and defeated the remaining GRA forces gathered at the port city. With the arrival of the Gallian navy, the Dandarius was sunk. Whether Townshend survived is currently unknown.

Valkyria Chronicles 4

Townshend briefly interacted with Squad E during their training mission in Gallia, primarily in his official capacity. Following the training mission and the unexpected battle Squad E and Squad 7 were forced to fight against Imperial troops, Townshend approached Claude Wallace, attempting to recruit him for a secret mission in Randgriz, with the implication being he intended Squad E to kidnap Cordelia Gi Randgriz. However, a suspicious Claude rebuffed him, stating that Squad E already had duties to perform on the front lines and he would pretend the conversation had never taken place.

Ambassador townshend bio temp.jpg

The Ambassador as seen in Vc4


Based on Townsend Harris?

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