Liberating Arlem
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Area Effect None
Number of units 6: Avan, Zeri, Cosette
CP Start 6, 6 per turn
Turns for S rank 3
Objectives Defeat Lt Cmd Tnk
Failure conditions Allied base camp captured
20 turns pass
Morale 0
All infantry defeated
Special conditions None
Enemy vehicles Lt Tank A
Enemy officers Scout, Shocktrooper
Enemy ace(s) None


During the history lesson in Class G, Avan remarks how bad he is on history. Zeri adds that Avan might be equally bad at everything else.

Cosette tells Avan that a photo has fell out of his book, and it turns out to be a photo of Leon. Avan goes on at how Leon is the best at everything.

And then Lanseal's Bell tolled, leaving Avan confused. The class immediately heads for their lockers and gears up for the upcoming mission. The bells tolling mean that they have been summoned for battle.

Professor Brixham informs the class that the rebels have taken over Arlem. And that since Arlem is in Southern Gallia, the Lanseal Royal Academy is responsible for policing southern Gallia.

Brixham notes that the cadets will be fighting unassisted as the Militia cannot be summoned as the civil war against the GRA is internal and not an invasion.

The rebels have taken over Arlem, and it falls to Class G to drive them out. An enemy tank has been spotted within the enemy ranks, and Avan believes he will get through the mission without a scratch.

At Arlem, the rebels are massacring the Darcsens, and is causing havoc within the city. When Class G arrives, Cosette and Zeri laments on the rebels treating the Darcsens like objects. Class G immediately begins to panic as the group had never faced such a large group of rebels before. When Avan tries to calm them down, Zeri questions Avan's ability to lead. Avan fires back with his fierce passion to not give up, and that motivates Class G.

Zeri notes that the rebels have a single tank, and that the tank is probably the enemy commander. Destroying the tank would demoralize the rebels. He then spots ragnite crates that will be used in destroying the tank. That once you shoot the Ragnite crates, the ragnite will explode, catching the tank with it.

Avan rallies Class G to take out the tank.

Mission Briefing

Your mission is to destroy the enemy command tank in area 4.

Shoot the ragna crates behind the tank to damage it in the blast.

Don't get too close to the ragna crates yourself, though, or you'll be caught in the explosion as well.



Base Reward
EXP 1122
DCT 371
Weapon Parts Gun Parts.png Pistol Mechanism A
Enemy Ace Reward
Weapon Plan None
Ace Drop 1 None
Ace Drop 2 None
Oak LV1.png Oak A Lv1
Oak LV1.png Oak B Lv1
Steel LV1.png Steel A Lv1
Steel LV1.png Steel B Lv1
Special Units Bonus
Oak LV1.png Oak A Lv1
Plywood LV1.png Plywood A Lv1
Steel LV1.png Steel A Lv1
Plywood LV1.png Plywood B Lv1
Captured All Base Camps Bonus
Steel LV1.png Steel A Lv1
Steel LV1.png Steel B Lv1
Plywood LV1.png Plywood A Lv1


Class G celebrates their victory on destroying the tank. Most of Class G are left in awe as they completed their first mission with no casualties. Zeri isn't surprised that his logic saved the day, but still doesn't accept Avan as a commander. Avan stops him and requests that he at least smile for their victory, and forcefully tries to get Zeri to smile. Cosette joins in on the fun, and Brixham confirms the rebel withdrawal from the area.


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