• Jamill Caines
Jamill Caines
Birth Date c.1903 (Aged 34 by 1937)
Height 183cm
Affiliation Gallian Militia
Lanseal Military Academy
Role Teacher (former)
Gallian militiaman (former)
Lanseal cadet (former)
Unknown after the war
Likes Avan Hardins
Erik Kampmann
Joachim Osen
"It's all dumb luck - the unlucky die and leave the lucky ones behind to clean up."
—Jamill Caines, Valkyria Chronicles 2

Jamill Caines (ジャミル・カイネス Jamiru Kainesu?) is an Armored Tech in Valkyria Chronicles 2. He is a gambler who always bring dice and believe only in luck.


Valkyria Chronicles 2

Class G armoured tech, Jamill is a gambler who trusts only the roll of the dice he carries, as shown in Live by the Dice, when Avan lost to Zeri in combat exercise while he talked to Jamill who insisted to stay in his base.

It is revealed in Luck is All that he believes on luck because he was a living proof of it. Once a teacher, he enlisted in order to protect his hometown. He had to witness the annihilation of his entire squad but himself by enemy reinforcements following what they thought was a victory. He then returned to his hometown only to find it in ruin. Since then, he grew cynical, believing only in luck. He came to Lanseal claiming that it is a fitting place to die.

He has stated, in a conversation with Erik Kampmann, that he used to teach. He has considerable knowledge concerning airships.

Later, Class G was sent to Arlem Region to hold GRA army there. While in battle, the enemy reinforcement kept coming. Jamill said that Avan had brought him only to add the number of the casualty, but Avan didn't believe they should give up to fate - he took the dice and carved its surface, making all the pips nothing but one. Just when Jamill laughed on what he sees as insanity, the GRA troops took fire. Another class from Lanseal came to back Class G. Avan later said that luck may be part of what makes him alive, but it is just a part of it and sometimes he must meet it halfway and it is less fun to live just according to the dice. Jamill later chose to stay at Lanseal to see how long Avan's luck stays on him.

After graduation, Jamill befriended a young war orphan while roaming Gallia, and now looks after her reluctantly.


  • Live By The Dice
  • Luck is All
  • Jamill's Feeling
  • To Change Fate


Base stats
Class HP AP Accuracy Evade Defense
Armored Tech 180 350 - 12 24
Max stats
Class HP AP Accuracy Evade Defense
Tech Elite 332 350 - 19 102
Special Tech 332 350 - 16 93
Fencer Elite 498 300 - 16 102
Mauler 498 250 - 16 93

Personal Potentials

  • Lone Wolf - Having allies nearby is a distraction that lowers evasive skills.
  • Lucky Dice - The dice are running hot, raising the chance of inflicting status ailments when attacking.
  • Grim Reaper - Instills fear in opponents, making them unable to target well.
  • Vagabond - They can only rely on themselves. Defence is raised. (Unlocked after completing Jamill's classmate mission, Against All Odds.)

Battle Potentials

Class Potentials
Armored Tech
  • Defensive Boost - Raises defence.
  • Resist Boost - Raises resistance to status ailments.
  • Super Resist - Raises resistance to status ailments.
Tech Veteran
  • Defensive Boost - Raises defence.
  • Major Exploit - Raises the chance of inflicting status ailments when attacking.
  • Penetration - Attacks ignore defence when causing damage.
Tech Elite
  • Defensive Boost - Raises defence.
  • Auto-Clear - Clear land mines when stepping on them.
  • Max Defense - Significantly raises defense at all times.
Special Tech
  • Defensive Boost - Raises defence.
  • Major Defense - Raises defense.
  • Total Defense - Raises defense and resistance to status ailments.
  • Defensive Boost - Raises defence.
  • Covert Attack - Attacks made when crouching cannot be evaded.
  • Third Eye - Raises defence when under interception fire.
Fencer Elite
  • Defensive Boost - Raises defence.
  • Overrun - Raises attack against infantry targets and defense when closing in on an enemy.
  • Speed Burst - Raises movement speed.
  • Defensive Boost - Raises defence.
  • Combat Skill - Raises attack power against armoured and infantry targets.
  • Tank Destroyer - Attacks that hit a vehicle result in the same effect as hitting a weak point.


Squad Leader Voice
"What a pain. Let's get this over and done with."
"Let's go, kids. Shut your mouths and move those feet!"
"Entering combat."
"Here goes."
"Think fast!" noicon
"Open wide!" noicon
Killing a foe
"Tough luck, pal."
"Nothing personal."
Enemy Sighted
"Enemy sighted..."
"*sigh* Another one."
Team Attack
"I'm with you!"
"Need a hand?"
"Let me help you, boy!" (Avan)
"Let's do it, Erik!" (Erik)
"It's go time, Joachim!" (Joachim)
Personal Potentials
"I don't do the group thing well." (Lone Wolf)
"Time to press my luck." (Lucky Dice)
"People around me never last long." (Grim Reaper)
"The dice are all I believe in..." (Vagabond)
Battle Potentials
"The dice are smiling on me today!"
"Luck is on my side this time."
Healed by Ragnaid
"Hey... thanks."
Rescuing an Ally
"Medic, time's running out! Move it!"
After Medic Visit
"It's not your time yet, boy." (Avan)
"You okay, Erik?!" (Erik)
"Hang tight, Joachim!" (Joachim)
HP Critical
"Don't like the odds..."
"If I have to..."
"Aaaargh! My turn...at last."
"And still I survive... Ugh... I have the worst luck."
Revived by Medic
"Heh, spared by fate again."
Status Ailment
"Ahh, snake eyes. Just great."
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