Corporal, age 16. Squad 7 tank pilot. Daughter of the late engineer, Prof. Theimer. A kind and calm Darcsen girl.

-Personal Profile.

Isara Gunther appears and can be recruited as Grenadier after the last sub chapter of "A united front with squad 7" DLC in Valkyria Cronicles 4.


Maxed out Stats

  • Hp-270
  • Ap-450
  • Accuracy-61
  • Dodge-42


Personal Potentials

Potential Description
Country Bred Standing on bare dirt leads to a boost in concentration, rasing accuracy.
Darcsen Bond Having brethren close by to protect stirs enhanced defensive abilities.
Stubborn Having allies nearby lowers her accuracy while she grumbles at them.
Road to Peace Taking intereption fire increases her defense.

Class Potentials

Potential Description
Support Fire Having an ally nearby increases their defense and accuracy.
Extra Shot They can occasionally follow up an attack by loading one more round of ammunition.
First Aid Boost The healing powers of ragnaid are ocasionally increased.
Arc Calculation Through intense focus, they are occasionally able to make all shots hit a single point.


Isara Gunther vc4 Bio.jpg

Corporal, age 16. Squad 7 tank pilot. Daughter of the late engineer, Prof. Theimer. Akind and calm Darcsen girl.

As the mechanic in charge of her squad's equipment, she maintained General Gunther's former tank, the Edelweiss.

Even Miles is impressed by her prolific skills. Her interest in weapons mods is a natural complement to Riley's expertise.

At the end of joint training, she gives Riley schematics for a smoke round. Her advice helps isara complete the design.

With Riley's help, she enters combat as a mortar-wielding grenadier to honor her late father and aid her adoptive brother.

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