Isara Gunther
Isara in Valkyria Chronicles.
Alias Is
Birth Date c.1919 (Aged 16 by 1935)
Height 152.5cm
Affiliation Gallian Militia
Unit Squad 7
Rank(s) Cpl profile.pngCorporal
Role Gallian militiaman
Tank driver
Unit Class Tank-insignia.png Tank
Grenadier-insignia.png Grenadier
Valkyria Chronicles
Valkyria Chronicles 3
Valkyria Chronicles 4
Voice Acting
Japanese Houko Kuwashima
English Laura Bailey (VC1)
Alexis Tipton (VC4)
"I joined the militia to fight alongside my brother."
—Isara Gunther, Valkyria Chronicles 3

Isara Gunther (イサラ・ギュンター Isara Gyuntā?) was adopted by her late father’s friend, General Belgen Gunther, making her the younger sister of Welkin Gunther. Due to her Darcsen descent, a group of people who are openly discriminated in Europa, dealing with prejudice is part of her life.



Isara is a rather short teenage girl with short black hair and dark eyes, traits that all Darcsens have. While living in Bruhl, she wore a long green dress and brown boots, as well as a shawl around her neck, which is generally worn by Darcsen. As a member of the militia, she wears the traditional Gallia uniform, though she still keeps her shawl.


Isara is generally a very calm and kind-hearted girl. Despite the frequent discrimination she suffers as a Darcsen, she is very proud of her heritage and makes no effort to hide it. She doesn't believe in what people refer to as the "Darcsen Calamity," insisting that it's just a myth since there's no real evidence that it actually happened. This often causes her to get into heated arguments with Rosie, who despises Darcsens. She also never hesitates to speak in defence of her people even if she knows it will just cause a fight, with Largo noting that she's just as stubborn as Rosie. She does seem to be aware of this, however, and even apologises to Welkin at one point. She also admits to Alicia that she is used to the racism by now, but hopes that there will be a time when Darcsens can rejoin society as equals.

Although Isara lost her father at an early age, she grew up admiring him for his passion in engineering, which led to her following the path of an engineer, much like Welkin got his love of nature from his own father. Her talent for tinkering places her in charge of managing the Edelweiss when she joins Squad 7. Even though she is adopted and Welkin is six years older than her, the two of them are very close, with Isara often calling Welkin the nickname "Welks", and he in turn often calls her "Is."

Even growing up prejudiced by many, Isara never allowed herself to become depressed, nor did she complain about the unfair nature of her persecution. The perpetually positive attitude that Isara maintained may have been a result of Welkin defending her from abuse, as well as the proud example set by Belgen, but may also be due to the Darcsen spirit. The Darcsen spirit is usually passed on with the words "look to the sky," which is the short version of the Darcsen proverb, "The sky you see above you is free and unbound. That is where the Darcsen spirit resides. Do not be entrapped by the past or the difficulties of the present. Always keep walking, with your eyes forever forward."


Valkyria Chronicles
Taking to engineering in her father’s footsteps, she earned several credentials before enlisting in the Militia. Being a Darcsen, she is discriminated against by a large number of people, especially Brigitte "Rosie" Stark. Isara plays a dual role as the squad’s tank pilot and mechanic; her role is taken up by Kreis Czherny after her death on the 23rd of August.
Valkyria Chronicles 2

Isara appears as a playable cameo character in Valkyria Chronicles 2. Isara can be unlocked by having save data from Valkyria Chronicles and using the passcode 37LRK5D214VQVFYH in the US/EU version of Valkyria Chronicles 2 and starts off as an Armored Tech.

In-game Description
Daughter of late Darcsen engineer, Professor Theimer. Adopted by Welkin Gunther's family. A natural tinkerer, she chose to become a mechanic like her father. Respects brother Welkin deeply for looking out for her.
Valkyria Chronicles 3

Isara appears as a playable cameo character in Valkyria Chronicles 3.

In-game Description
The tank pilot of the militia's Squad 7, she's a kind-hearted Darcsen. When her father died, General Belgen Gunther adopted her and she became Welkin's little sister. Constantly insulted by racists, including Rosie, she has never once responded to any such hateful provocations. Her stubborn nature has surprised more than one person. On August 23rd, 1935, she died at the Battle of Marberry Shore. Thanks to her suggestion, Imca's weapon, Var, was successfully upgraded but Imca never got a chance to thank her.
Expanded Biography (VC1)
Welkin's Adopted Sister
Isara was born in the industrial city of Fouzen to Darcsen parents. Her father was Theimer, a brilliant inventor. Soon after she was born, Isara lost both of her parents in an accident, and was adopted by Belgen Gunther, her father's best friend. Isara moved to the town of Bruhl to live in the Gunther household, and what little she knew of her real father came in the form of an old photograph and stories from those who knew him. Based on the stories she had heard about her father, Isara came to admire her father, which led to her following the path of an engineer. Isara showed a natural aptitude for mechanics, a talent she inherited from her father, and she would spend hours absorbed in the maintenance of various vehicles, unconcerned by the greasy mess it caused.

Being of Darcsen heritage meant that Isara suffered much abused and harassment even as a young child. Despite this harsh social environment, Isara never allowed herself to become depressed, nor did she complain about the unfair nature of her persecution. The perpetually positive attitude that Isara maintained may have been a result of Welkin defending her from abuse, as well as the proud example set by Belgen, but may also be due to the Darcsen spirit. The Darcsen spirit is usually passed on with the words "look to the sky," which is the short version of the Darcsen proverb, "The sky you see above you is free and unbound. That is where the Darcsen spirit resides. Do not be entrapped by the past or the difficulties of the present. Always keep walking, with your eyes forever forward."

While fighting for the Gallian militia, Isara traveled to many places and bore witness to the harsh reality of discrimination. The cruel truth affected her deeply and almost caused her spiritual strength to falter. It was the presence of Squad 7 and the ever optimistic Welkin that gave Isara the support she needed to keep going.

Isara has a very calm personality, and rarely expressing her feelings bluntly. She is not introverted, but rather just prefers to maintain peace and harmony. She will show a relatively strict side to anyone who is inconsiderate or has given up on life.

Gifted Engineer
"I focused on engineering in school because I wanted to become an engineer like my father."
—Isara Gunther
Ever since she can remember, Isara has always admired her biological father for his accomplishments in life. It was natural for her to take an interest in engineering in school, and she also studied her father's old blueprints outside of school. After Welkin left Bruhl, Isara started maintaining the Edelweiss, the tank that was stored in the Gunthers' garage. Isara's tireless efforts made her a masterful engineer and mechanical designer at the impressive age of 16.
Devoted Sister
"Preparing everything for Welkin's return... that's all I can do for him right now."
—Isara Gunther
Welkin was much older than his adopted sister, but his mind was always preoccupied by his interests, which left little room for much else. Isara happily supported her brother's enthusiasm for his hobbies by taking care of the little details of day-to-day life. Her deep appreciation and adoration for her brother stemmed from the way Welkin always protected her from the persecution Isara faced as a Darcsen.
Rosie's Friend
"Hmm... I'd like to hear you sing, Rosie."
—Isara Gunther
After joining the militia, Isara was constantly at odds with Rosie, who harbored a strong hatred for all Darcsens. Despite their quarrels, Isara recognized a kinder side to Rise and made attempts to build a friendship with her. Tragically, the very moment Rosie accepted Isara as a true friend was the same moment that Isara's short life was brought to an end. The pure friendship that had taken root inside of Rosie blossomed in her song, which inspired a post-war movement to end the unjust persecution of Darcsens.
Expanded Biography (VC3)
"A Darcsen girl who stood alongside her brother in their fight against fate."
Isara's father was Theimer, a brilliant engineer who achieved many amazing feats during his lifetime. After he died, his best friend Belgen Gunther adopted Theimer's daughter, Isara. Belgen's family did not discriminate against Isara for being a Darcsen, and she grew to think of Welkin as a real brother. Isara became Squad 7's tank pilot so that she could remain close to her brother during the war.

Isara is a kind and agreeable girl, but also has a stubborn side that gives her the strength to stand up for what she believes in. She surprised everyone in Squad 7 when she stood her ground in her debates with Rosie over Rosie's prejudices regarding Darcsens. Like her father, Isara is a highly gifted engineer and was able to point out very specific things about Imca's weapon Vár that could be upgraded. Isara spent all of her free time developing an airplane and had big dreams about flying through the sky, but these dreams were tragically cut short when she became a casualty of the Second Europan War on August 23rd, 1935. Imca was grateful for everything Isara did for her and was waiting for the right opportunity to properly thank her, but sadly that opportunity would never arise.


Valkyria Chronicles

Isara in her bathing suit.

Isara is introduced when Alicia detains Welkin as a potential Imperial spy, though Isara manages to get Welkin free, returning to her house shortly after. When a pair of Imperials enter the Gunther residence, she defends the pregnant Martha. Then with her brother, Isara helps Alicia defend the people of Bruhl through the use of the Edelweiss. Isara later joins Gallia's Militia, becoming the Edelweiss' driver, holding the rank of Corporal.

In preparation for the Battle of Marberry Shore, Isara creates smoke shells for the Edelweiss, deploying them to help Squad Seven retake Marberry Shore in the face of heavy enemy fire. After the battle, Rosie talks to Isara and is about to apologize to her when Isara is fatally wounded by an Imperial sniper.

At her funeral, Rosie fulfills the promise she made to Isara and sings for her.

Valkyria Chronicles Anime

Isara's first appearance is in the first episode, when Welkin visits The Gunther Estate with Alicia. Isara nearly kills Alicia with a knife but manages to hold back due to Welkin's intervention. At one point Alicia threatens to kill Isara and Welkin, but Isara gains Alicia's trust after killing an Imperial Scout.

In the 3rd Episode, Rosie's grudge against the Darcsen causes her to get into a violent fight with Isara, but Welkin is able to stop the fight.

In the 17th Episode, Isara is shot in the chest trying to help Rosie. The Squad mourns her death.


Other Appearances

Main article: Isara Gunther/Other appearances

Isara has appeared as a guest character in the following titles:


  • Isara is the only Darcsen character in the entire franchise to have a family name, though this is because she is also the only Darcsen who is know to have been adopted by a non-Darcsen family.
  • Isara is part of the original set of gashapon figures sets released around the time of Valkyria Chronicles Japanese release alongside Alicia, Rosie, and Eleanor.
  • Isara is the character that originated the Darcsen race, from a game design point of view. The entire race spun off from her trademark shawl, which was present when Valkyria was on the drawing board as Gallian Panzers. This early design was her second, the first had Isara as a long-haired sniper with some kind of leg brace, and at that point she was from a race of cat-people called the Bast People or Bastian.
  • Isara's father is the legendary engineer Theimer, whose name is common amongst Gallian armour and weapons.
  • Isara is a hidden playable Armor Tech character in Valkyria Chronicles 2 despite the obvious disadvantage of her being dead. She is also a playable tech in some Valkyria Chronicles 3 DLC.
  • Following their return to Bruhl Welkin and Alicia have a baby girl, also named Isara Gunther after her late aunt.
  • In the Valkyria Chronicles anime, Ramal, one of the militiamen in Squad 1 and Faldio's second, has feelings for Isara. However he never manages to share them with her before she is killed in the battle of Marberry.

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