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Gallian Sniper
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VC4 Int02.jpg
Number Interlude 2, part 7
Terrain Dirt, Grass
Time of day Day
Number of units 3: Claude, Raz, Kai
CP 4 per turn
SP None
Turn limit 20
Turns for A rank 3
Objectives All targets are sniped
Failure conditions Enter the enemy's interception range

End a turn with Claude or Raz not hiding
Attack any unit that is not a target
20 turns pass

Special conditions Boss-insignia.png Sniping Target A

Boss-insignia.png Sniping Target B
Boss-insignia.png Sniping Target C

Enemy vehicles None
Enemy officers None
Enemy ace(s) None
Ace drop(s) None

Interlude 2: The Other Kai is the second interlude of Valkyria Chronicles 4. The combat mission for this is Gallian Sniper. This interlude is automatically unlocked once Chapter 7 is completed, and must be completed to progress the story.


The interlude takes place between the two combat missions of chapter 7, though the flashback sequence takes place in winter of 1934.

Kai Schulen, NCO of Squad E, clandestinely met up with his two friends on the Squad - Claude Wallace and Raz. He explained to them that he had deserted the Federation Army after a top-secret operation, and that he was sending in a substitute to take his place- his sister Leena.

Though the rest of the Squad reluctantly accepted Leena, they were nearly caught a number of times, culminating in this interlude's battle: a test of Leena's sniper skills. Her brother Kai had a reputation as one of the best marksmen in the Rangers, and Leena's seemingly abysmal aim threatened to blow her cover. Thus, Claude and Raz were forced to clandestinely take part in her test and fake the results.


Interlude 2.jpg

Yo, Claude... Just so we're straight, you're sure this is gonna work, right?

"So, we sneak into the training ground without the drill sergeants seeing us... Then we shoot the targets, and Leena fires at the same time to look like she hit 'em. Lucky for us, the targets are all Squad E Lancers, and they know what's going down... But if a drill sergeant finds us, it's over. We better end our moves hidden in the grass. Oh, and don't expect Leena to actually hit anything. That's pretty much a lost cause. The more I think about it, the less it sounds like this is gonna work...

Location: Training Field

Description: Sneak into Kai's sniping test to take down the targeted Lancers. The mission fails if Claude or Raz enter an enemy's interception range, end the turn while not hiding, or attack an untargeted enemy.

"Aw, screw it! Not like we got a choice at this point. Let's go kick some ass!"


Don't bother trying to use Kai in this battle; her abysmal aim and zoom make using her a crapshoot and waste of CP unless you're extremely lucky or willing to savescum a lot.


Base Reward
3000 3000
Ranking Bonus
Turns Rank EXP DCT
1-3 A 6000 6000
4 B 4500 4500
5 C 3000 3000
6+ D 0 0
Other Rewards
If A rank, receive Military Cape accessory (Acc +3, Evade +3).

Up to 5 reward weapons, one for each condition met: A or B rank, all leaders defeated, all tanks defeated, no allies downed, no allies killed/forced retreat


Although Raz and Claude barely managed to pull of the illusion, it turns out that it was completely unnecessary; the only reason Leena's aim was so bad was that her rifle's scope had been improperly attached.

Back to the present, Riley and Raz reflect on the situation between Leena and Kai. Though Riley wonders about the real Kai's circumstances, Raz is confident in Kai's decision and promises to keep looking after Leena. The interlude ends as Claude and Kai return from their reconnaissance of the Imperial logistics base.


  • All of the sniping targets are actually Squad E lancers, namely Laurent (Target A), Jimmy (Target B), and Jean (Target C)
  • Leonhardt Strauch makes his first appearance as a member of Squad E in this chapter; as it almost a year before the main storyline of VC4, it brings into question why he hadn't joined the player's roster in the prologue until the next chapter.


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