• Inghild Noverre
Inghild Noverre
Birth Date c.1921 (Aged 16 by 1937)
Height 159cm
Affiliation Lanseal Military Academy
Role Lanseal cadet (former)
Unknown after the war
Likes Avan Hardins
"I am a prophet. Once I fulfill my role as His mouthpiece, I will leave."
—Inghild Noverre, Valkyria Chronicles 2

Inghild Noverre (イングヒルト・ノーベル Inguhiruto Nōberu?) is an Armored Tech in Valkyria Chronicles 2. She claims that she's a prophet and she's able to predict the future.


Valkyria Chronicles 2

Class G armored tech, Inghild calls herself a prophet, claiming that she can predict the future by aura around her she considers as words from "Him". She predicts misfortune constantly, and so far, all of her foresight came true as shown in "His" Revelation when Avan got soaked by water twice by Raymond in the class and Anisette who was bringing a bucket of water. In On the Mark, she predicted more misfortunes and all of the predictions came true, such as Cosette who accidentally burnt herself a little in the lab and Zeri whose eyeglasses fell and got stepped by Joachim. This made other Class G members thought she is truly a fortuneteller, although others, especially Zeri, still don't believe it.

In III Luck for G, Inghild predicted a great misfortune that she had never even see. Professor Brixham came to tell a strong force of GRA army had marched to Leanbluff Forest and it is Class G's mission to stop them. Many Class G members felt pessimist due to Inghild's prediction, but Avan and Zeri said they don't believe on the prophecy she said.

After stopping the GRA army, Avan said fate is built by people, step by step. It's not bad to believe in faith, but they should also believe in themselves in building their future. As the mission had been completed, the Class G went back to Lanseal quickly since there was delicious stew for lunch which they had been waiting for. Sadly, things didn't went as they hoped to be.

After graduation, she vanished, saying only "He" was calling her. She reportedly boarded a ship headed east.


  • "His" Revelation
  • On the Mark
  • III Luck for G
  • G's Misfortune


Base stats
Class HP AP Accuracy Evade Defense
Armored Tech 293 350 - 24 102
Max stats
Class HP AP Accuracy Evade Defense
Tech Elite 293 350 - 24 102
Special Tech 293 350 - 20 93
Fencer Elite 439 300 - 20 102
Mauler 439 250 - 20 93

Personal Potentials

  • Broken Reality - For some reason their attacks raise attack power against infantry targets.
  • Good Omen - Raises attack power against infantry and firing accuracy.
  • Evil Omen - Lowers attack power against armored targets and firing accuracy.
  • Prophecy - A pleasing revelation from beyond raises various abilities. (Unlocked after completing her classmate mission, A Tragic Prophecy.)

Battle Potentials

Class Potentials
Armored Tech
  • Defensive Boost - Raises defense.
  • Nocturnal - Visibility at night equal as if in the middle of the day.
  • Super Defense - Raises defense.
Tech Veteran
  • Defensive Boost - Raises defense.
  • Major Exploit - Raises chance to inflict status ailments.
  • Max Resist - Significantly raises resistance to status ailments at all times.
Tech Elite
  • Defensive Boost - Raises defense.
  • Auto-Clear - Clear land mines when stepping on them.
  • Super vs Personnel - Raises attack against infantry targets.
Special Tech
  • Defensive Boost - Raises defense.
  • Major Defense - Raises defense.
  • Total Defense - Raises defense and resistance to status ailments.
  • Defensive Boost - Raises defense.
  • Covert Attack - Attack when crouching cannot be evaded.
  • Third Eye - Raises defense during interception fire.
Fencer Elite
  • Defensive Boost - Raises defense.
  • Overrun - Raises attack against infantry targets and defense when closing in on an enemy.
  • Double Movement - Able to move again.
  • Defensive Boost - Raises defense.
  • Major vs Armor - Raises attack against armored targets.
  • Tank Destroyer - Attacks that hit a vehicle result in the same effect as hitting a weak point.


Squad Leader Voice
"If you would avoid a grim fate, come. We march!"
"All will be well under my guidance. Place your faith in Him!"
"At your service."
"As you command."
"Face me!" noicon
"Rue your fate!" noicon
Killing a foe
"In accordance with his word!"
Enemy Sighted
"There, a hidden foe."
"Enemy sighted."
Team Attack
"You need help!"
"Need a hand?"
"I'll lend you my strength, Avan!" (Avan)
Personal Potentials
"I can hear his voice clearly." (Broken Reality)
"My, my. A favourable colour." (Good Omen)
"Ill omen... I see doom. Doom!" (Evil Omen)
"He has spoken revelation!" (Prophecy)
Battle Potentials
"Strength surges through me!"
"All in accordance with His word!"
Healed by Ragnaid
"Ohh, my thanks."
Rescuing an Ally
"Come, medic! Cart this poor soul away!"
After Medic Visit
"Avan! You are not ordained to die this day!" (Avan)
HP Critical
"This does not bode well..."
"May He protect me."
"Ill portents indeed..."
"I'd felt doom's approach since before we began."
Revived by Medic
"I see good in your future."
Status Ailment
"Fate frowns upon me this day."


  • Inghild's eyes are always closed like Leon Schmidt whenever she is. She seems to be concentrating on her foresight received from "Him" at any times.
  • Inghild states that she always has to wear her hat because "He" deigned her to do so and that removing it would cause tragedy to befall the world.
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