Imperial Guard Scout

Filling much the same role as their Gallian counterparts, Imperial scouts are issued with ZM Kar rifles and outfitted in light plate armor.


Imperial Guard Shocktrooper

Imperial shocktroopers were fielded in identical roles to their Gallian counterparts and have comparable abilities. Each shocktrooper was armed with a ZM MP series submachine gun and handgrenades. Imperial shocktroopers wear heavier armor than their Gallian counterparts in addition to the distinctive helmets worn by all imperial troops and were deployed as the main fighting force of the Empire during the Gallian war.

Shocktrooper Elite are distinguishable by their black uniforms and are also armed with barrel mounted flame throwers.


Imperial Guard Lancer

Imperial lancers wore more armor than their Gallian counterparts, with a design that hearkens back to medieval times. Acting as a support for Imperial squads, the Empires lancers were able to neutralize enemy armor and provide heavy fire support for infantry.


Imperial Guard Sniper

Imperial Snipers were sharpshooters attached to various Autocratic East Europan Imperial Alliance infantry units during the Second Europan War. They were deployed during battles in order to neutralize enemy officers, as well as regular infantry if the opportunity presented itself. Using the ZM SG manual action rifle, Imperial snipers were able to achieve a higher rate of accuracy than most soldiers during the war.


Imperial Guard Engineer

Imperial engineers were equipped with a ZM Kar rifle, grenades, and equipment for disarming landmines. Imperial engineers were distinguishable from regular infantry by the three ridges on their helmets and their lighter armor.


  • In the animated adaptation of the first game, the appearance of the imperial shocktroopers is the one used for all imperial soldiers. No other units are visible: no lancers, scouts or snipers. While some characters from Squadron 7 are this type of unit.
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