Isara plane.jpg
Technical Information
Affiliation Gallian
Length 11.6m
Width 12.5m
Height 3.7m
Weight 0.46t
Top speed 75km/h
Engine power 50hp/2200rpm x2

The biplane ISARA was a primitive twin prop biplane aircraft which appeared late in Valkyria Chronicles.

History and Construction

Built by its namesake, Isara Gunther, for the purpose of fulfilling her older brother's wish to "fly like a bird", ISARA was built in secret in the R&D Section of Fort Amatriain by Isara almost singlehandedly, using theoretical notes left by her father, Professor Theimer. Even the engineers of the R&D Section, Leon Schmidt and Kreis Czherny, were unaware of its presence until they stumbled across Isara working on it late one night. With the plane about halfway completed, Kreis and Leon both immediately offered their help, so impressed were they by Isara's efforts.

Sadly, Isara was not able to complete the plane before the events at Marberry Shore, and thus Leon and Kreis finished ISARA in her honour. With Kreis leaving the R&D Section to replace Isara as the driver of the Edelweiss, it was up to Leon to figure out how to pilot it.

First Flight

Luckily for the protagonists of Valkyria Chronicles, we see ISARA in the very last cutscene of the game. Certain death was averted when they miraculously board the now-completed ISARA biplane piloted by Leon, travelling at an astounding 70mph, as it passes the burning hulk of the Marmota. Despite being probably one of the first aircraft flying ever in Europa, and thus with very low tolerances with regards to weight, ISARA has no trouble flying towards Randgriz with the sudden extra load of Ms. Melchiott and Lieutenant Gunther.

The name painted on the side of the ISARA is actually IZARA, which could perhaps be a mistake made by Leon in his rush to complete the plane in time to help Welkin and Alicia.



  • ISARA's design may likely be based off Flyer I, the world's first real life powered aircraft designed by the Wright Brothers in 1903.
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