Hirz the Demoman
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Minerva Victor prepares to deal with Hirz the Demoman.
Affiliation East Europan Imperial Alliance
Weapon Drop VB GW 3(e)
Voice Acting
Japanese Not voiced
English Not voiced

Hirz the Demoman' (爆殺ヒサゼルト Bakusatsu hisazeruto?) is a Grenadier Ace found in Valkyria Chronicles 4. He appears in the Squad Story mission Honor, Pride and Regret, in the battle mission Brave Hearts.


As viewed in Command Mode, Hirz is stationed at the lowermost part on the left of the two extended battlements either side of the main bridge. He is where one of the four fixed machine guns were placed during Chapter 1: The Battle of Fort Krest, directly above where Squad E's base camp was during the second part of that mission.

He is another low-level Ace, as this is supposed to be a Squad Story the player unlocks fairly early on.

Since the three characters in this mission are an Engineer, a Shocktrooper and a Sniper, it is best to deploy a Scout from Squad E's base camp to work their way along the battlement while the others focus on their mission.

Getting to him is made significantly easier by the overhead cover all along the battlement, which offers protection from a second Grenadier at the enemy base camp. Killing him is a simple matter of darting out of cover just after the base camp Grenadier has fired his Interception fire shot, shooting Hirz in the back of the head, and then darting back into cover again.

Stats and equipment

Has 10 total defense.


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VB GW 3(e)

Defeating him rewards the player with a VB GW 3(e), a mid-level Imperial Mortar less accurate and shorter-ranged but more powerful than the VB GW 3 he uses himself, and with the vs Armor of the primary fire mode almost halved. It is thus closer to a Hartman-series antipersonnel Mortar, while his own weapon is more like a Sanders general-purpose mortar.

It shares an oddity of many of the (e) versions of Imperial Mortars, in that its Interception fire is actually more accurate than its normal fire.

Equipment Aim Range vs Pers vs Armor Shots Ammo Area Effect
VB GW 3(e) E 450 520 200 1 3 O -
Intercept Fire D 450 160 240 1 O SpeedDown
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