• Helmut Bourdais
Helmut Bourdais
Helmut in Valkyria Chronicles 2.
Birth Date c.1910 (Aged 27 by 1937)
Height 178cm
Affiliation Imperial Army
Lanseal Military Academy
Role Lanseal cadet (former)
Imperial Army personnel
Likes Avan Hardins
Noel Willoch
Heinz Gilden
"I am a soldier, and I will fulfill my duty."
—Helmut Bourdais, Valkyria Chronicles 2

Helmut Bourdais (ヘルムート・ボーデ Herumūto Bōde?) is a 27 year old Class G scout who appears in the Valkyria Chronicles 2 videogame. A native of the Empire, he is a well-disciplined soldier with good observation skills.


Valkyria Chronicles

Helmut was sent by the Imperial government to Lanseal Academy as a sign of goodwill to Gallia post-war. However, the true reason for his presence as a student is leverage against the imperial army if they should try to invade Gallia.

The fact that Helmut is an imperial causes his classmates to treat him coldly. Zeri even blamed him for the crimes that the Empire has committed against the Darcsens, saying to people like Helmut Darcsens are just slave labour. Helmut, however simply left without comment.

Later, after an attack on a Darcsen village, Zeri was surprised to find Helmut trying to save a Darcsen boy. When questioned, he replied that his thoughts on Darcsens have no place in the operation, he is a soldier and he will fulfill his duty. Zeri agreed that there is little hope for understanding between them but he would not forget what Helmut did for this village and the two returned to helping the wounded.

After the Civil war Helmut returned to the Empire to prepare for another invasion for Gallia. Helmut's time at Lanseal however has caused him to change his opinion on Gallia as he no longer has the "heart" for another invasion.

Freshmen Cadet Guide

A well-disciplined Imperial student who knows how to take orders as a soldier. Obvious concerns are his relationships with Darcsen cadets, which we only hope will improve on a personal level throughout the year. He has eagle-like eyes and performs well once everyone else has taken their move. We will be counting on his observation and endurance so our entire squad can strategically advance the field.

In-game Description

  • Class G scout. An exchange student from the Empire, he is not easy to sneak up on.
  • An Imperial soldier during the war, his tactical skills and decisiveness are highly respected.
  • Left to rejoin Imperial Army. Preparing for new Gallia offensive, but heart no longer in it.


  • From the empire
  • Zeri's Feud
  • Move out!
  • A Military Man


Base stats
Class HP AP Accuracy Evade Defense
Scout 165 450 15 11 8
Max stats
Class HP AP Accuracy Evade Defense
Scout Elite 303 650 40 45 27
Heavy Scout 379 450 37 22 13
Sniper Elite 177 250 47 26 16
AT Sniper 253 250 51 26 18

Personal Potentials

  • Lancer Killer - Confidence that they can best any lancer raises firing accuracy and attack power against infantry.
  • Rear Guard - Being the very last to take action raises attack power against infantry targets.
  • Darcsen Hater - Becomes uncomfortable when a Darcsen is nearby, lowering defense.
  • Soldier's Pride - An iron will to carry out the mission raises defense. (Unlocked after completing his classmate mission Saving the Darcsens.)

Battle Potentials

Class Potentials
  • Accuracy Boost - Raises firing accuracy
  • Sighting - Raises firing accuracy when enemy is sighted
  • Super Evasion - Raises evasive skills
Scout Veteran
  • Accuracy Boost - Raises firing accuracy
  • Nocturnal - Visibility at night equal as if in the middle of the day
  • Third Eye - Raises defense during interception fire
Scout Elite
  • Accuracy Boost - Raises firing accuracy
  • Silent Assassin - Raises firing accuracy and attack against infantry targets when taking the enemy by surprise
  • Cover Stance - Raises defense
Heavy Scout
  • Accuracy Boost - Raises firing accuracy.
  • Ranged Shot - Attacks made when shooting from a distance cannot be evaded.
  • Full HP Recover - Fully recovers HP after finishing an attack.
  • Accuracy Boost - Raises firing accuracy
  • Major Accuracy - Raises firing accuracy
  • Backup Sniping - Raises firing accuracy and attack against infantry targets
    when no one is nearby
Sniper Elite
  • Accuracy Boost - Raises firing accuracy.
  • Extra Shot - Adds 1 ammo
  • Second Wind - Restores AP to full when AP reaches half
AT Sniper
  • Accuracy Boost - Raises firing accuracy.
  • Lower Ground - Raises evasive skills and attack against infantry targets when enemy is above you
  • Super vs Armor - Raises attack against armored targets


Squad Leader Voice
"It's time to let our strength be known. Now, march!"
"Don't back down! The day will be ours!"
"I don't miss!" noicon
"You're in the way." noicon
Killing a foe
"Target destroyed."
Enemy Sighted
"There you are."
"Enemy sighted."
Team Attack
"I'll assist."
"Supporting fire."
"I'll cover you, Avan." (Avan)
"On your mark, Heinz." (Heinz)
"Let's begin, Noel." (Noel)
Personal Potentials
"A tank is the unit's heart - hands off." (Lancer Killer)
"Leave watching our backs to me." (Rear Guard)
"I cannot fathom the way your kind thinks." (Darscen Hater)
"I'm a soldier, I know my duty well." (Soldier's Pride)
Battle Potentials
"I'm afraid I cannot allow you to live." (Third Eye)
"I'll show you what a man of the Empire can do!"
Healed by Ragnaid
Rescuing an Ally
"Medic! Hurry, there's no time!"
After Medic Visit
"Help is on the way, Avan!" (Avan)
"The mission's far from over, Noel!" (Noel)
"Pull it together Heinz!" (Heinz)
HP Critical
"If those are my orders."
"As you command."
"So, it ends here..."
"Rgh, I‘ve no choice. Falling back."
Revived by Medic
"I repay my debts."
Status Ailment
"Ngh... my body doesn't want to listen."


  • Helmut is the only character from the Empire who is still alive after the course of three games and is still loyal to the imperial throne as other loyalists for the empire have fallen in combat and or turned away to their own countries.
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