Heinrich Belgar

Heinrich Belgar
VC4 Belgar
Birth Date c.1881 (Aged 54 by 1935)
Affiliation East Europan Imperial Alliance
Unit X-0
Science Board
Role Chief Scientist
Weapon Lophius
Voice Acting
Japanese Shō Hayami
English Christpher Corey Smith

Heinrich Belgar (ベルガー Hainrihhi Berugā?) is an antagonist from Valkyria Chronicles 4. The supervisor of X-0. He is of noble background and is an executive at the Imperial science institution. He has the authority of an admiral, and X-0 are his chess pieces.[1]



An extreme pragmatist. He thinks of others as nothing other than pawns for him to achieve his goals. While polite, he tends to be patronising in his speech. He's a brilliant researcher, but also a deft political manipulator for the sake of his experiments. He's even earned the favour of the emperor himself!


Age 54. Head of the Imperial Science Board, and of X-0, an experimental weapons squad. Poor eyesight, due to exposure to intense light in his work. He killed his partner Albert Miller and stole his findings, though he regrets his actions. While jealous of his friend's genius, he deeply, truly admired him. He dreamed of an energy revolution using Ragnite Implosion technology, and one day travelling to the stars, but he failed and died in Nikola's explosion.



  • "How dare you defy Al and me!" (controlling Lophius)
  • "Disappear!" (controlling Lophius)
  • "Begone!" (firing one of Lophius' weapons)
  • "The Azure Light is mine and mine alone! You...inject the stimulants." (All Units Attack)
  • "The Azure Light is mine and mine alone! Anaesthetic, now!" (All Units Defend)
  • "The Azure Light is mine and mine alone! There...functional again, I trust?" (Emergency Heal)


  • In the 10th Anniversary Illustration Book, his name is spelled "Heinrich Berger" in English.



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