Anisette Nelson as a Gunner

The Gunner is a class exclusive to Valkyria Chronicles 2 and Valkyria Chronicles 3. Gunners carry considerably more powerful machineguns with high-capacity magazines that fire in a wide, narrow arc.


In their games, gunners are the player's primary defensive unit and excel at defending camps and choke points, like bridges and narrow roads, from attack by enemy infantry.

When on offense, gunners fire their guns in a wide arc, making them mostly defensive and support specialists; however, they can be powerful assault units if used correctly. When attacking, it is best to position them as close to the target(s) as possible and try to aim where as many bullets can hit as possible, i.e. shoulder to shoulder. Killing enemy units with headshots is usually impractical, since gunners' sweeping fire arc prevents them from getting in more than three or four headshots, not enough to take out many heavily armored units.

The support role, however, is where they excel: if they are intercepting the enemy advance or joining a team attack, gunners shoot their entire magazine not in an arc, but rather concentrated entirely on a single advancing enemy. At minimum, gunner magazines have a capacity of at least 40 bullets per attack, which even without head-shot damage bonuses, is often enough to kill enemy units or at least stop them in their tracks. Thus, a single gunner is able to block the advance of numerous enemy infantry units, which makes it useful for levels that require defending a single target without much reinforcement.

One important caveat, though, is that if they survive an enemy attack, gunners counter with the same wide arc of fire that they use on offense, making their counter-fire less effective with machine guns with lesser attack power per bullet.


Valkyria Chronicles 2

In Valkyria Chronicles 2, the Gunner is a second-tier class of the Trooper Class Tree, promoted from shocktroopers; both the GRA and the Gallian Army deploy gunners, often with similar stats.

They intercept within a 90 degree radius, making them somewhat vulnerable to being "turned" around and ambushed from behind.

Gunners are only able to use two types of machine guns - the five variants of the Gallian Squall series and the GRA's Bragi series.

Equipment Predecessor Class Successor Class
Shocktrooper-insignia.pngShocktrooper Gunner-insignia.pngGunner Elite

Gunner-insignia.pngHeavy Gunner

Valkyria Chronicles 3

Gunners are their own independent core class in Valkyria Chronicles 3, becoming unlocked in Chapter 6 after purchasing the Squall-1 Machine Gun from R&D. Instead of being divided into distinct classes restricted to different types of machine guns, gunners are now able to use all types of machine guns. This makes a gunner's rank mostly irrelevant to their performance, sans small differences in accuracy, HP, and evasion.

Gunners are able to wield all machine guns (sans shocktrooper Submachine Guns) without having to class up to Elite or Heavy status, noticeably boosting their firepower and versatility compared to their incarnations in Valkyria Chronicles 2. Another buff they receive is the 270-degree sight radius of a scout, allowing them to defend a wider area without the fear of enemy units sneaking up on them from behind.

Another prominent situational buff is the introduction of Kurt's Direct Command ability; this allows Kurt to direct two fellow units into position (saving CP on prepositioning the gunners) and lead a two-gunner team attack, which concentrates both machine guns' entire magazines on a single target. This is a truly monstrous amount of firepower that will KO most, if not all units.

Their only downsides (compared to VC2) is the loss of ragnaid and, more importantly, a small, but significant decrease in mobility to 300 AP, which can be partially made up for by equipping gunners with AP-boosting accessories, carrying them in an APC, or leading them with Direct Command.

Standard Equipment


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