Anisette Nelson as a Gunner

The Gunner is a 2nd-tier class introduced in Valkyria Chronicles 2 and is part of the Trooper Class Tree. Gunners can be promoted from shocktroopers and carry considerably more powerful machineguns with larger magazines than the submachine guns that fire in a wide, narrow arc. The class excels at defense, assist and suppression fire.

Gallian Gunners

Valkyria Chronicles

Gunners did not appear in Valkyria Chronicles.

Valkyria Chronicles 2

In Valkyria Chronicles 2 the Gunner is the players primary defensive unit and excel at defending camps and choke points, like bridges and narrow roads from attack by enemy infantry.

A single Gunner is able to block the advance of numerous enemy infantry units, however in exchange for their prowess in defense the gunner sacrifices many of the offensive capabilities enjoyed by their native class the Shock Trooper. Gunners lack grenades and because light machineguns fire in a tight, wide arch as opposed to the narrow circular radius of machine guns utilised by Shocktroopers. It is often difficult to take down an individual enemy unit unless at close range.

Equipment Predecessor Class Successor Class
Shocktrooper-insigniaShocktrooper Gunner-insigniaGunner Elite

Gunner-insigniaHeavy Gunner

Valkyria Chronicles 3

Gunners are now their own independent class, becoming available after purchasing a machine gun from R&D, starting from Chapter 6. Gunners can still class up to the gunner elite class, however, the heavy gunner class no longer exists in the game. Gunners now have the sight radius of a scout, making them even better on the defensive.

GRA Gunners

Their role and equipment are the same as their Gallian counterparts.

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