Grenadiers are a class introduced in and unique to Valkyria Chronicles 4. They use portable mortars to bombard enemy positions with explosives, and also carry ragnaid canisters.

Grenadier mortars launch bombs in a high arc, allowing them to bypass most walls or terrain obstacles. Their effectiveness is somewhere between a grenade and a lance, being accurate enough to work against infantry (crouching or otherwise) and strong enough to moderately harass vehicles, with anti-tank mortars strong enough to destroy them outright if the radiator is hit.

Like Lancers and Snipers, Grenadiers rely on a limited supply of ammunition. This regenerates at a rate of 1 shot per turn unless they are in a camp. As with Snipers and Lancers and the grenades of other classes, allied Engineers can also resupply them. Interception fire uses ammo with different stats, and is not limited.

Grenadiers can target any enemy so long as at least one ally has direct line of sight with it, though the mortar still has its limits in regards to range. This applies to both offensive targeting and interception fire. Their field of view for interception fire is 90 degrees in the direction they are currently facing. The target marker indicates point of aim and possible scatter just like the crosshair for direct-fire weapons: it is not a blast area indicator.

Mortars can apply movement debuffs on enemies, reducing infantry movement speed or reducing vehicle AP to 0 on anti-tank mortars.

Grenadiers used the same armour as Scouts, but have slightly lower HP. Their mortars take ~5 seconds to deploy before they can fire and a short time to pick up and they are extremely slow-moving, making them impractical to send directly through firing zones. It is recommended to put them in areas where they can shoot over terrain and/or a fair distance away from firefights.

They cannot fire interception fire if their mortar is not set up or the enemy is too close to their position: they also cannot set their weapon up and be in cover at the same time. Grenadiers also tend to have low evasion, and are easily flanked since they will not turn to face an enemy who is inside their minimum range.

Grenadiers receive no extra benefits or gear from becoming Elite, aside from a small boost to their Action Points.


  • Riley Miller is shown to carry a pistol as well as her Mortar, but this has no in-game representation.
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