Vasel bridge

This massive iron drawbridge spans the Vasel River, which flows into Lake Graz near the walls of Castle Randgriz.


The bridge has its origins in the late medieval era, when it was built with two towers at either bank as part of a ring of defensive installations around the capital. A 19th Century renovation saw it made into a retractable drawbridge with a unique accordion-fold design that allowed it to be operated by extending and retracting a single pair of cables. The city of Vasel grew out from either side of the bridge, prosperous in its role as a transit gateway between the Gallian and capital and the outside world due to its key position on both ground routes and a series of canals connecting it to the North Sea.

During the Gallian War, imperial troops under prince Maximilian invaded Gallia and nearly took Randgriz, but they were driven back at the Vasel Bridge in an operation that would turn the tides of war. Since then, citizens of Vasel city assemble at the Great Vasel Bridge plaza on April 13th each year for a ceremony commemorating the battle fought against the Empire. At noon, the bridge was raised in memory of the lives lost there. The bank where the battle first started is now covered in Lion's Paw and has become a popular date spot.

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