The Grand Generals are the top ranked generals of the Ruzhien Empire's imperial army. Each of them command and operate a special Magical Machine. They've participated in the orphanage raid incident with Emperor Claudius and are enemies to Amleth and company. They are main antagonists in Valkyria Revolution.



  • Gilouche Benckendorff - No. 1 of the four, head of the army and also serves as the Minister of War. He has great bravery and leadership. He's also Claudius's foster brother. Uses a "humanoid" machinery "Guardian".
  • Viktor Timashev - No. 2 of the four, head of the Army General Staff Headquarters and also serves as the Minister of Home Affairs. He excels in strategy and who plans to expand the Empire. Because of having a cold personality, he has a gloomy and superficial polite tone to people. Uses a "serpant" machinery "Snake".
  • Gustav Mecklenburg - No. 3 of the four, head of the Navy and also serves as the Minister of the Navy. He's effective in magic machinery and naval combat. He's frivolous with no sense of humor. He uses a "whale" machinery "Whale".
  • Balthus Greppenberg - No. 4 of the four, an admiral and also serves as the Minister for Foreign Affairs. Also, the youngest of the Four Commanders and a trickster. Speaks with a correct tone, useful for his diplomacy tasks, yet can be vulgar in battle. He uses a "dragon" machinery "Dragon".
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