Giorgios Geld
VC Giorgios Geld.png
Birth Date c.1892 (Aged 43 by 1935)
Height 180cm
Affiliation Imperial Army
Role Imperial regiment commander
Voice Acting
Japanese Yukimasa Kishino
English Dwight Schultz

Giorgios Geld (ヨルギオス・ゲルド Yorugiosu Gerudo?) was a forty-three year old Imperial Captain.


Valkyria Chronicles

Though his unparalleled cruelty often disgusted even his peers, his undeniable results soon saw him rise to command his own Imperial regiment. A sadist to the core, he experienced a euphoric high when inflicting pain upon others, a habit that only intensified as he obtained increasing authority.

During the First Europan War, Geld captured Frederic Klein and tortured him to death. This caused Eleanor Varrot, Frederick's friend and lover, to stay in the Gallian militia, swearing to take revenge on Geld someday. Unfortunately for him, Eleanor's wish was granted when the Empire invaded Gallia in 1935. In a hostage rescue operation, Eleanor's regiment captured Geld. But just when Eleanor was about to order his execution, Largo Potter persuaded her to release him in a personer exchange, saying Frederick would not want her to avenge his death.

But Geld was wrong to think that he was safe when he returned to Imperial territory. His torture of prisoners, including civilians, ultimately provoked the ire of Imperial commander Maximilian, who promptly ordered him executed.

Expanded Biography

"Taking pleasure in the Suffering of Others"
—VC Design Archive Description

Geld rose through the ranks of the Imperial army to the position of captain by using the most sadistic and despicable methods imaginable on the battlefield. He always felt an intense pleasure at the sight of a suffering human being, and this pleasure only grew more powerful after he joined the military. He was known for unnecessarily torturing and abusing prisoners, and when this information reached Maximilian's ears, he ordered Geld's execution for violation of the military's code of conduct.


Valkyria Chronicles


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