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Gilbert Gassenarl
Character06 02.png
Alias Count Gassenarl
Birth Date c.1887 (Aged 50 by 1937)
Height 176cm
Affiliation Gallian Army (defected)
Rank(s) Gen profile.pngGeneral
Role Gallian Army general (defected)
Founder of Asgardian Council
Rebel supreme commander
Voice Acting
Japanese Banjō Ginga
English Greg Baldwin

Count Gilbert Gassenarl (ギルベルト・ガッセナール Giruberuto Gassenāru?) is the Generalissimo and mastermind of the Gallian Revolutionary Army that has risen in revolt.


Gilbert Gassenarl is the head of House Gassenarl, and the figurehead of the Gallian Revolutionary Army. His hatred for the Darcsen race – to him a group unfit to even stand in his presence, much less lead his country - has driven him to take violent action, or whatever action necessary, to change the political lay of the land, and, perhaps, to place himself as the new ruler. His connections with other nobles and with other countries have also given him a strong foothold in Gallia. He is in fantastic shape, both physically and mentally for his age, 50, and is a powerful adversary, capable of holding his own in both bark and bite.


Upon taking control of Randgriz in September following the assault on Lanseal, Gilbert is shot by his son, Baldren Gassenarl, after attempting to negotiate with Jean Townshend about becoming part of the Federation's council.


  • For the most part, Gilbert is based on Adolf Hitler in all but physical appearance and end-term goal. In appearance, he greatly resembles Josef Stalin, due to the handlebar mustache as opposed to a toothbrush.


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