Ghost Tank
Ghost tank.jpg
Technical Information
Affiliation Unknown
Length 8.24m
Width 3.98m
Height 3.78m
Weight 53.2 tons
Top speed 28km/h
Engine power 550hp/2150rpm
Weapons V Beam Cannon
Sub V Lance
Gameplay Information
Appearances Classmate Mission: Lavinia Lane

The Ghost Tanks are incredibly tough tanks armed with Artificial Valkyria lances. They roam Gallia attacking other tanks with brutal force. Nothing more is known about them.

The Ghost Tank was also known to be behind an attack on a squad where Leon Hardins and Lavinia Lane were in, killing most squad members and leaving Lavinia guilt-ridden.


The Ghost Tanks are known to appear in multiple post-game missions in Valkyria Chronicles 2, but only once as a incredibly tough boss in Lavinia's character mission (Beating this mission will unlock Tank Mastery, an amazing potential that makes all your tanks stats go up permanently).


  • The Ghost Tank was supposed to be a one-off tank, yet in a later mission in Doerfein, there are multiple ghost tanks under the command of an augmented Baldren Gassenarl. This however could be a gameplay based issue to make post-game battles more difficult.
  • The Ghost Tanks can hurt a Mauler even if they are firing at the Mauler's shild.
  • The design of the turret resembles that of the KV-2's, in that it is slab-sided, enlarged, and mounting a weapon much larger and more powerful than contemporary designs (an enlarged Artificial Valkyrur lance vs. a 152mm howitzer). Its hull also resembles a more decorative version of the KV tank.
  • The Ghost Tank has imperial style wheels on its treads, further adding to the mystery of who built it's hull (It is pretty clear the turret is rebel designed as it features the Artificial Valkyria cannon).
  • It is possible that the Ghost Tank is imperial in origin, since it's running gear is similar to that of a Imperial Medium Tank and the turret bears the white bordered yellow stripe seen on imperial light and medium tanks.
  • Lancers are all but immune to the Deathlance's main blast as it counts as a area effect explosive.
  • The Ghost Tank's main cannon (Deathlance) is the only known tank cannon to not have 920 range.
  • The Ghost Tank is one of few units (Itself, Dirk and Baldren (Artificial Valkyria)) that can deal damage to weaker vehicles with its intercept weapon.
  • There is never more than 1 ghost tank per zone, possibly so you aren't massacred by their interception fire or possibly so they don't damage each other with it.
  • The Ghost Tanks do not use their intercept weapon when they are taking their turn.
  • The icon used to show its main cannon on the GUI appears again on the final 'boss' in VCIII, which is strange since this 'boss' seems incapable of using anything but area effect attacks, this weapon is infact used in an extra post-game mission, but unlike the ghost tank, it fires rapidly, like a tank machinegun.

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