Georg von Damon
General damon.png
Birth Date c.1881 (Aged 54 by 1935)
Affiliation Gallian Army
Rank(s) Gen profile.pngGeneral
Role Lanseal graduate
Commander of the Central Gallian Army
Voice Acting
Japanese Kōzō Shioya
English John Di Maggio

Georg von Damon (ゲオルグ・ヴォン・ダモン Georugu von Damon?) is a fifty-four year old general, and the commander of the central Gallian army.


He rose to his post as a commander thanks to Borg's recommendation. Exceptionally proud of his noble birth, he considers the commoner militiamen disposable. Though the success of his grandfather as a general helped him rise through the ranks with uncommon speed, rumors abound that he lacks the requisite competence.

Faldio was among the chain of up-and-coming officers Damon brought home as potential suitors for his daughter, but was soon rejected for his low birth.


Shortly after the fall of the citadel at Ghirlandaio, Damon fell victim to the massive explosion caused by Imperial general Selvaria Bles and was incinerated.


  • In the Behind Her Blue Flame DLC, General Damon serves as the opposing commander for all of the missions. He controls a modified Gallian Light Tank which has significantly more armor and firepower than ordinary Gallian Tanks. If the player destroys Damon's tank during the battle, it will show an extra cutscene of him retreating.


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