Gallian Tank Destroyer
Gallian Tank Destroyer.png
Technical Information
Affiliation Gallian

The Gallian Tank Destroyer is a tank used by Gallian Army in Valkyria Chronicles but was ultimately cut from the game. It possibly was cut just before the game's final release as the paintscheme is correct. but both the emblem on the size and the red lines do not follow normal Gallian patterns. From the front of the hull, it actually seems to use the Edelweiss' chassis as a base, but the running gear, radiator and rear hull are all almost identical to those used on normal Gallian Tanks and the Shamrock.

What appear to be technical drawings for the Gallian Tank Destroyer can be seen in Varrott's office during the confrontation between Welkin and Faldio, possibly indicating that the vehicle exists in canon but remained out of scope.


  • The Gallian Tank Destroyer is based on the StuG III with the short-barrel 75mm KwK 37 with side skirts.


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