Scout-insignia Scout

The very first enemies encountered in the game, GRA Scouts are equipped with the Hervor-M or -X series of rifles and fulfill much the same role as their Gallian counterparts.

Scout-insignia Scout Veteran

Much like Gallian Scout Veterans, they are essentially Scouts with improved stats and are equipped with the same Hervor-M or -X series of rifles.

Scout-insignia Heavy Scout

Sniper-insignia Sniper

Sniper-insignia AT Sniper


Shocktrooper-insignia Shocktrooper

Armed with the Hildr-M or -X series of machineguns, these assault units form a large portion of the GRA's forces. They are practically identical to their Gallian counterparts.

Shocktrooper-insignia Trooper Veteran

Shocktrooper-insignia Commando

Gunner-insignia Gunner

Gunner-insignia Heavy Gunner


Lancer-insignia Lancer

Lancer-insignia Lancer Veteran

Lancer-insignia Lancer Elite

Mortarer-insignia Mortarer

Mortarer-insignia Heavy Mortarer


Fencer-insignia Fencer

Fencer-insignia Fencer Elite

Fencer-insignia Mauler


Engineer-insignia Engineer

Engineer-insignia Engineer Veteran

Engineer-insignia Engineer Elite

Valkyrur-insignia V2

Heavily-armored behemoths armed with an energy cannon and a shield, these Artificial Valkyria are some of the most dangerous combatants on the field. The presence of a Supply Vehicle in the same area makes them even more deadly, though they can operate at a reduced strength without them present.

They possess two attack modes: a series of small energy bursts that also serves as their intercept weapon, and a concentrated beam that deals massive damage to anything it hits, though they cannot use it without a Supply Vehicle being present. Should a Supply Vehicle be present, they will also be protected by an energy field, which reduces all damage that they take.

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