Fujmolt the Edge

Affiliation East Europan Imperial Alliance
Weapon Drop VB FW 2(g)

Fujmolt the Edge is an Imperial ace that appears in the original Valkyria Chronicles game. He appears in Rosie's report, War Without Weapons. He uses a ZM MP 5 with a VB FW 2, with the VB FW 2 being your reward for killing him. He is hidden in the northern-most part of the grass, but will start moving towards the closest exit point once enough Imperial troops have been killed.

Stats and Equipment

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  • Defense - 25
  • Accuracy - 60
  • Evade - 60


20181221142737 1.jpg


  • Like many Aces, Fujmolt the Edge has a naturally high evasion; attack from behind or in the grass so he doesn't do so. Or, launch an ISARA Smoke onto him and kill him from inside it.
  • Because the mission requires you to kill every enemy on the map, including him, you are guaranteed his flamethrower.
  • The VB FW 2 (g) is the strongest flamethrower you can obtain; give it to the Shocktrooper who you will use the most.
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