Birth Date Unknown
Affiliation Imperial Army
Role Imperial soldier

Fritz (Mikhail Weber in the anime) was an Imperial shocktrooper that appeared before Alicia and Welkin when they stayed in a log cabin due to a leg injury (in the anime, Welkin says that there will be a snowstorm and they must find shelter).

In the game Fritz was fatally wounded and Welkin and Alicia cared for him until he passed away and was buried in front of the house. In the anime, however, he attempted to attack Welkin and Alicia with an unpinned grenade. Alicia notices his wound from battle and tends to him. He told his story about how he joined the Imperial army and how he is a son of a farmer. He passed away after and then Alicia and Welkin buried him along with his watch and gun in front of the house. He was no longer mentioned later.


  • There is a Shocktrooper named Fritz in one of Selvaria's regiments, but it is uncertain if they are the same person.



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