Fixed Weapons are a specific type of enemy unit in Valkyria Chronicles franchise. They are generally vulnerable to Flamethrowers, which inflict many times more damage on flamethrowers than their anti-armor stat implies.


Valkyria Chronicles

Bunker VC1.jpg

The Fixed Weapon class includes a variety of devices, such as anti-infantry machine guns, full-sized artillery weapons, and Anti-Tank Cannons. Typical weak spots are the gunner for anti-tank guns/heavy machineguns and the slit/rear for bunkers. Shocktroopers and the Shamrock can heavily damage or one-shot most fixed weapons using Flamethrowers.

Only fixed weapons using machine guns are able to intercept enemies in Valkyria Chronicles 1; the lack of strong anti-tank interception in VC1 allows the Edelweiss and Shamrock to move during the player's turn with little damage.

Valkyria Chronicles 2

Bunkers lose the Slit weak spot, but gain a radiator above the rear door. As with vehicles, though, standard bullets won't do much damage to the radiator. Manned guns are replaced by turrets, which are harder to kill as they will turn their armoured front to face approaching units. They are weak from the unarmored sides and rear, which even standard bullets will rip apart.

A new addition is the Cannon Tower, which is a tall tower with a rotating turret on top, possessing long range, high defense and extremely heavy firepower. Its weak point is a radiator on the rear of the turret, but sneaking behind one and shelling/lancing its radiator is quite difficult, since it tends to notice approaching units at an extended distance and will turn around to intercept. The easiest way to kill these is with flamethrowers. Flanking AT Sniper shots to the radiator also work but will take longer. Lavinia with a sufficiently powerful AT turret can brute-force Cannon Towers from the front.

AT sniper rifles tend to do more damage to fixed weapons than they do to vehicles.

Valkyria Chronicles 3

Fixed weapons here are very similar to those in VC2. The differences are that radiators are more vulnerable to standard bullets, turrets are stronger, and Cannon Towers have less range but deal more damage, the latter due to attacking from above.

Valkyria Chronicles 4

Fixed Weapons return to the ones from VC1, albeit with two changes to the lineup.

Improvised Pillboxes make their first appearance defending the Siegval Line in Chapter 04, Part 1. From the front, they are just as tough as normal imperial bunkers, but their hastily-built nature means that they are open-topped, allowing Grenadiers to easily destroy them from above. Destroying them is made even easier with the presence of explosive ragnite crates next to the Pillboxes, like their more permanent Bunker counterparts.

Heavy Anti-Tank Cannons, in addition to fulfilling a strong offensive role, are able to defend against enemy vehicles (but not against infantry). They deal heavy interception damage to enemy vehicles in a 90 degree arc, threatening charging Federation Tanks with the risk of being destroyed. This makes destroying AT Cannons even more of a priority than in previous games.



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