The Naggiar Plains still bear the scars of EWI.

The First Europan War was caused by friction between the East Europan Imperial Alliance and the Atlantic Federation over Ragnite resources.

The war also saw conflicts spark across neutral Europan states including Gallia and The Kingdom of Fhirald.


The Industrial Revolution of the 18th Century led to skyrocketing demand for ragnite, pitting Europa's twin giants in a race for resources. When the crown prince of the Empire was assassinated at the start of the 20th Century, tensions spiraled into an all-out war.

The First Europan War was a particularly brutal and bloody war. During the conquest of Fhirald, the Imperial Army executed many captured Fhiraldian soldiers, only sparing those they believed to be of use to the occupying forces.

During the conflict, the Imperial forces were the first to employ a corps of newly developed tanks and the use of tank and combined infantry tactics developed in leaps and bounds. However, the majority of the conflict was still fought using old-fashioned infantry tactics, which eventually descended into trench warfare.

Eventually the two exhausted powers signed a cease-fire agreement which lasted until the beginning of the Second Europan War. Interestingly, however, an official end to the war was never signed.

Gallian Forces In The First Europan War

During the war, Gallia's military, initially spearheaded by General Roald Kankkunen and later General Belgen Gunther's tank corps, foiled an Imperial invasion of eastern Gallia in a series of battles and engagements.

Many areas of Gallia still bear the scars of these battles, the most obvious being Naggiar Plains, where vast networks of trenches and earthworks were dug out. They would later be refitted and reused by both the Gallian and Imperial armies in the Second Europan War.


The First Europan War never officially ended and tensions between the two sides did not abate due to numerous border disputes and the massing of military forces on both sides. The ceasefire held until the outbreak of the Second Europan War in 1935.

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