The Fencer Elite is anti-infantry melee class exclusive to Valkyria Chronicles 2 and Valkyria Chronicles 3.

Gallian Fencer Elite

Valkyria Chronicles 2

Fencer Elite is a 3rd-tier class and can be promoted from Fencers as a branch of the Armored Tech Class Tree. Fencer elites and Maulers are probably the most heavily armored classes in the game. Their right arm is protected by a large blast shield while their left arm holds a combat shield. They also wear suits of heavy plate armor. Fencer elite are armed with great swords which can kill most infantry units, including crouched ones, in one hit. They have limited mobility and are unable to deal any significant damage to tanks.

Standard equipment

Valkyria Chronicles 3

When a fencer classes up to fencer elite, they are able to equip mauls, replacing the role of mauler from Valkyria Chronicles 2.

As they are functionally identical to Fencers in VC3, see Fencer for more information.

GRA Fencer Elite

Their role and equipment are the same as their Gallian counterparts.


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