The Fencer is a unit class exclusive to Valkyria Chronicles 2 and Valkyria Chronicles 3.

In both games, they are low-mobility, high HP units that excel in melee combat against clustered infantry using their swords, which has a small area-of-effect like a flamethrower. From the moment they are usable, they are able to one-hit kill most infantry units, with those lucky enough to survive the attack sent flying.

Gallian Fencers

Valkyria Chronicles 2

Morris Lling as a fencer.

In VC2, fencers are promoted from Armored Techs as a branch of the Armored Tech Class Tree.

They are outfitted with heavy armor and strong swords, which allows them to shrug off interception fire and efficiently charge enemy units. This, on top of losing the Armored Tech's ability to disarm mines and repair sandbags, makes them and their successors purely offensive classes.

They can be promoted to either Fencer Elites (a specialized anti-infantry melee unit) or Maulers (a very potent anti-tank unit).

The credit requirement to change a unit's class into a fencer are: Certificate x1, March x2, Attack X x1

Standard equipment:

Valkyria Chronicles 3

In VC3, Fencers are split off into their own independent class, becoming available after purchasing the Cival-1 Sword in Chapter 9; they are able to class up into Fencer Veterans and Fencer Elites (AP increasing from 250 --> 300 --> 350). VC3 fencers are functionally very different compared to their VC2 predecessors, in terms of their defense and weapons.

VC3 Fencers have a wider choice of weapons to selected from; from the outset, they are able to wield both the Cival-Series sword and and Percival Series Greatswords, unlike in VC2 where only Fencer Elites could use Percival Greatswords. (Effectively, the two sword categories were merged). After Fencers level up to Fencer Elites, they can also use Anti-Tank Mauls (once the exclusive weapon of Maulers in VC2), allowing them to fulfill either an antipersonnel or anti-tank role depending on a unit's specialties.

Unfortunately, Fencers in VC3 no longer have heavy armor and their shield's sizes have been reduced. As a consequence, they are much more susceptible to enemy fire, making it nigh-impossible to charge enemy bases and live without any sort of defensive boost. Furthermore, the larger maps of VC3 (such as Ghirlandaio, Naggiar Plains, and Randgriz) make their low mobility a problem for anyone who wants to use them as frontline units.

One role they can fulfill is the "base-clearer"; although one may have captured an enemy base camp in one area, that camp may be linked to a camp in another area filled with enemy units. Their battle potentials Covert Attack and Feint (which prevent enemy units from dodging their attacks) and strong, area-of-effect weaponry allows them to efficiently clear out any leftover enemy units in their base camp.

Another example of this versatility and fragility is when Imca is a fencer, once she gains her Special Power Weapons Unleashed (which becomes stronger depending on the weapon she wields). Imca can hit all units in her field of vision with the ludicrous strength of either a Sword, Greatsword, or Maul, giving her unprecedented anti-personnel and anti-tank power over an even larger range.

Standard equipment:

  • A choice between 2 melee weapon types:
  • CombatSuit (Includes Shield)

GRA Fencers

Their role and equipment are the same as their Gallian counterparts.


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