Laevatein Qualifiers
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Leavatein cup.png
Terrain Grass, Dirt
Area Effect None
Number of units 6
CP Start ?, ? per turn
Turns for S rank 4
Objectives Defeat Sniper Commander
Failure conditions Allied base camp captured
20 turns pass
Morale 0
All infantry defeated
Enemy ace(s) None


The preliminaries for the Laevatein Cup are about to begin, and Avan is prepared for it. Brixham expresses his concerns as he rates Class G as sub-par, and hopes that there will at least be no casualties during the battle. Avan believes he will win, and Brixham will have the pleasure of witnessing a miracle happening.

At the drill grounds, Class G expresses their despair as they don't believe they stand a chance against another class. Avan tries to cheer them up, but is interrupted by Juliana. She finds Avan's blood ties with Leon unfathomable. When Avan asks about Leon, Juliana goes on by praising Leon for being such a skilled commander and even respects his abilities.

The Drill Instructor informs the chairs of Class C and Class G to step to the front, and briefs them on the upcoming simulation.

The chair of Class C is happy that they got paired with Class G, as it is like a victory by default. Avan smirks back, ready to fight them.

Mission Briefing

The qualifiers for the Laevatein Cup are about to begin.

Defeat the enemy sniper commander in area 1 to make it through the next round.



Base Reward
EXP 4508
DCT 1580
Weapon Parts Gun Parts.png Pistol Mchnsm A
Enemy Ace Reward
Lead LV1.png Lead B Lv1
Rare Metal LV1.png Rare Metal B Lv1
Oak LV1.png Oak B Lv1
Gunpowder LV1.png Gunpowder B Lv1
Plywood LV1.png Plywood A Lv1
Plywood LV1.png Plywood B Lv1
Copper LV1.png Copper B Lv1
Special Units Bonus
Lead LV1.png Lead A Lv1
Oak LV1.png Oak B Lv1
Copper LV1.png Copper A Lv1
Plywood LV1.png Plywood A Lv1
Oak LV1.png Oak A Lv1
Plywood LV1.png Plywood B Lv1
Captured All Base Camps Bonus
Plywood LV1.png Plywood B Lv1
Plywood LV2.png Plywood B Lv2
Oak LV1.png Oak A Lv1


Class C surrenders after the battle and Class G wins. Class G again drowns in happiness as they have taken yet another victory to their name. Juliana comes in and tries to demoralize class G, with her defeating Class C in just 3 minutes. Class A praises Juliana, as they have a REAL commander instead of Class G, and that none shall defeat them so long Juliana is leading. Juliana calls her squad pawns, and that only a talented leader could decisively leade them. Avan calls Juliana out, as his fellow classmates are not mere "pawns." Zeri steps in and states that a weak squad will always be weak, regardless of how talented their commander is. Juliana, surprised at the "Darcsen" voicing his opinions, state that the Darcsens lost their last names because of their crimes. And that addressing Juliana is an insult to the Everhart name. Zeri continues with their victory due to Avan bringing out each classmate's talent to fruition, and that doubts that Juliana could have done the same. Juliana, surprised once more, leaves in disgust. Avan's happy that Zeri stuck up for him, but Zeri was meaning to communicate Avan's incompetence all along.


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