• Erik Kampmann
Erik Kampmann
VC2 Erik Kampmann.png
Birth Date c.1919 (Aged 18 by 1937)
Height 173cm
Affiliation Lanseal Military Academy
Role Lanseal cadet (former)
Likes Avan Hardins
Rene Randall
Vicky Baytear
Jamill Caines
"I'm just not good with words, you know? When I get mad, I punch things."
—Erik Kampmann, Valkyria Chronicles 2

Erik Kampmann (エリク・カンプマン Eriku Kanpuman?) is a 18 year old shocktrooper and member of Class G, who appears in the Valkyria Chronicles 2 videogame.


Valkyria Chronicles 2

Erik is a problem student, who amazed everyone when he was recruited by Lanseal. Ever since he was a child, he is well-liked by animals and he often gives them his food, and goes hungry.

He is always getting into fights, as shown in On the Prowl and Training. Words about his violent behavior spread around campus and it has escalated to the point where no-one would believe anything he says, causing people to avoid him. One time, he got thrown into the old campus' cells for fighting, as stated in Solitary Scare. There have been a lot of complaint about his conduct and lack of cooperation from others in the class.

Erik was genuinely surprised when he saw "that blimp thing the rebels flew in on" in Up in the Sky, because he had heard stories about them but never actually seen one in person before.

During Suspicion, when Lotte lost her wallet, the majority in Class G was quick to assume Erik of stealing because he was the only person who didn't do drill practice that day. After completing his classmate mission, Erik admitted he isn't good with words and he gets violent whenever he's angry.

After the end of the Gallian Civil War, Erik entered university to become a veterinarian. He lives a busy life with three dogs, two cats and a bird.

Freshmen Cadet Guide

A rebellious guy who is somewhat difficult to approach, but is perhaps waiting for the right moment to open his heart. He may not have accuracy in his attacks, but his ability to resist and withstand damage makes him an ideal man to secure the camp area. Since his attacks are most effective in close-range, we do need him to equip a machine gun or even a flamethrower which he should be able to handle.

In-game Description

  • Class G shocktrooper. Was a problem student, and amazed all when recruited by Lanseal.
  • Well-liked by animals since he was a child, he often gives them his food and goes hungry.
  • Entered university to become a vet. Lives a busy life with 3 dogs, 2 cats and a bird.


  • On the Prowl
  • The Birds
  • Suspicion
  • A Wolf Unmasked


Base stats
Class HP AP Accuracy Evade Defense
Shocktrooper 215 350 10 9 11
Max stats
Class HP AP Accuracy Evade Defense
Trooper Elite 406 350 28 37 33
Commando 375 400 24 31 31
Gunner Elite 406 400 36 31 31
Heavy Gunner 469 300 26 31 31

Personal Potentials

  • Camp Defender - Bent on protecting camps by sheer force of will, raising evasive skills.
  • Scout Killer - Confidence that they can best any scout raises firing accuracy and attack power against infantry targets.
  • Outcast - Having allies of the same unit class nearby puts them on edge, lowering evasive skill.
  • Clumsy Kindness - While clumsy, their heart is in the right place, raising firing accuracy. (Unlocked after completing his classmate mission, Uncovering the Truth.)

Battle Potentials

Class Potentials
  • Firing Stance - Raises firing accuracy when crouching.
  • Close Combat - Raises firing accuracy and the chance of inflicting status ailments with attacks when an enemy is nearby.
  • Ammo Refill - Fully reloads ammunition after finishing an attack.
Trooper Veteran
  • Firing Stance - Raises firing accuracy when crouching.
  • Shielded Shot - Raises firing accuracy when crouching.
  • Unevadable Shot - Attacks made cannot be evaded.
Trooper Elite
  • Firing Stance - Raises firing accuracy when crouching.
  • Major Evasion - Raises evasive skills.
  • Double Attack - Can attack again before the enemy counterattacks.
  • Firing Stance - Raises firing accuracy when crouching.
  • Assault Stance - Raises resistance to status ailments when under interception fire.
  • Phoenix - Recovers full HP when HP reaches 0.
  • Firing Stance - Raises firing accuracy when crouching.
  • First Aid Boost - Raises the amount healed when ragnaid is used.
  • Prone Attack - Raises firing accuracy when crouching.
Gunner Elite
  • Firing Stance - Raises firing accuracy when crouching.
  • Deadly Aim - Raises the chance of inflicting status ailments when attacking.
  • Close Quarters - Raises evasive skills when closing in on an enemy.
Heavy Gunner
  • Firing Stance - Raises firing accuracy when crouching.
  • Resist Counters - Lowers the damage taken from enemy counterattacks.
  • Max Exploit - Significantly raises the chance of inflicting status ailments when attacking at all times.


Squad Leader Voice
"All right, you clowns! Fall in after me!"
"You lose this and I'll pound you! Got it?"
"I'm on the move."
"Let's get this started!"
"Hrrrraagh!" noicon
"Stay down!" noicon
Killing a foe
"What? Done already?"
"Hmph, is that all?"
Enemy Sighted
"Enemy spotted!"
"I see fresh meat!"
Team Attack
"Just get behind me!"
"You need some help?"
"Let's flatten 'em, Hardins!" (Avan)
"Stand back, Vicky!" (Vicky)
"I got your back, Jamill!" (Jamill)
"Light them up, Rene!" (Vicky)
Personal Potentials
"This is my turf!" (Camp Defender)
"Annoying hyperactive little...!" (Scout Killer)
"Hmph, like I'm goin' to trust you." (Outcast)
"Er, hey. Uh... take it easy, yeah?" (Clumsy Kindness)
Battle Potentials
"I can take on a whole army."
"I don't plan on losin' here."
Healed by Ragnaid
"Uh, my bad."
Rescuing an Ally
"Medic! Hurry the hell up!"
After Medic Visit
"Die on me and I'll kill you, Hardins!" (Avan)
"You're givin' up, Rene!?" (Rene)
"Quit messin' around, Vicky!" (Vicky)
"That ain't funny, Jamill!" (Jamill)
HP Critical
"Ungh, I'm goin'..."
"Yeah, yeah...!"
"Yeah, I'm a real lone wolf... Some tough guy I am."
Revived by Medic
"Ahh... thanks."
Status Ailment
"I'm... I'm just having a bad day."
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