Engineers are some of the most versatile, but also vulnerable units in the game.

Gallian Engineers

The Gallian Engineer Emblem

Armed with carbine, standard rifles or pistols, grenades, variety of Ragnaid canisters and tools, an engineer's primary role is to support allied soldiers and armour by rearming spent munitions, repairing damage to tanks, healing wounded infantry units, disarming both anti-tank and anti-infantry mines and rebuilding collapsed or damaged barricades.

Though Engineers have fairly poor accuracy, low offensive and even lower defensive abilities, are ineffective against armor and lack the peripheral vision of scouts they are able to intercept enemies at long range, evade enemy fire, counter attack and launch cooperative assaults with adjacent allied units.

Because Engineers can carry three grenades rather than just one, they are very useful if there are a large number of barricades that the player needs to get through or if there are lots of enemies crouching behind cover.

Valkyria Chronicles

In combat an Engineer is effectively a weaker Scout: their weapon is similar, but they are less mobile, less durable, and have a much shorter sight range against concealed foes. The engineer's carbine is most effective at medium to long range, however they are physically frail and wear only light armor and therefore their low defense and hit points require that they be protected from enemy fire by other units and/or cover.

Standard equipment


Level Experience Unlocks
2 156
3 581 Order: Defense Boost
4 1257 1st Potential
5 2172
6 3320 Order: All Units Defend
7 4694
8 6292
9 8109 2nd Potential
10 10143
11 12390
12 14851 Order: Antidote
13 17521
14 20398 3rd Potential
15 23483
16 26772
17 30265 Order: Explosives Boost
18 33960
19 37856
20 41952 4th Potential

Total upgrade cost: 296172 experience

Valkyria Chronicles 2

Engineers in Valkyria Chronicles 2 no longer carry grenades and are armed with pistols instead of scout rifles. This significantly reduces their combat options, although their pistols are actually superior in close combat to the scouts' rifles (generally firing more shots per attack and doing more damage per shot). Their previous role of disarming mines and rebuilding sandbags have also been given to Armored Techs, which further reduce their usefulness.

The Engineer is the base class of Engineer Class Tree and can be promoted to either Engineer Veterans (an improved version of engineer) or Anthem Corps (support units who buff allies).

Standard equipment

Valkyria Chronicles 3

Engineers in Valkyria Chronicles 3 are very similar to their counterpart in the second game, though with a number of features from the VC2 Engineer class tree; the main difference is that their AP is significantly decreased from 550 to 450 AP, reducing their mobility. Their pistols still are quite useful offensively, as they deal far more damage than scout rifles while also having a higher theoretical range (as their bullets can travel much further than that of scout rifles before disappearing).

Engineers can now use Ragnaid to directly revive any fallen character, thus replacing the Medic class in the second game; the amount of HP that an engineer can heal increases as they are promoted.

Furthermore, once any individual engineer is ranked up Elite status, they are able to equip the Fireworks and Flameworks instruments to increase the stats of allied units, thus also replacing the Anthem Corps and Anthem Elite classes.

A number of abilities that the Engineer Class Tree had in VC2 are removed in this generation, such as the debuffing Pressure instruments of the Melodist class and the area-heal Ragnaid D+ of VC2 Engineer Elites.

Standard equipment

Imperial Engineers

An imperial Engineer

Imperial engineers were equipped with a ZM Kar rifle, grenades, Ragnaid, and equipment for disarming landmines. Imperial engineers were distinguishable from regular infantry by the three ridges on their helmets and their lighter armor.

Federation Engineers

Federation engineers in Valkyria Chronicles 4 work in the same manner as past game entries, being able to revive fallen allies with revival Ragnaid, participating in coop-attacks, replenishing ammo, repairing tanks/ladders/sandbags, disarming mines and reusing the scout tech tree of rifles, they are returned to a basic class with no variation/sub-classes with no added abilities upon reaching elite or paragon status besides improved repair capabilities.

Being identical to their Gallian counterpart the Federation also lets women serve under the Edinburgh army with same rights/responsibilities.

They were issued rifles from Scout's Tech tree which focuses in Accuracy/Balanced/Firepower with a handful of rifles giving ailments (Def down, etc.), a engineer tool to repair/disarm, revival Ragnaid and 3 grenades.

Federation Engineer M Vc4.jpg


Level Experience Unlocks
2 300
3 460 Order: Healing Request
4 930
5 1520 1st potential
6 2220
7 3040
8 3970 Order: Emergency Repair
9 5020 2nd potential
10 6190
11 7470 Elite: Improved vehicle repair
12 9140
13 10660
14 12290 3rd potential
15 14740 Order: All Units Resupply
16 16600
17 18580
18 21710 4th Potential
19 25120
20 28820
21 30920 Paragon: Improved vehicle repair
22 33120
23 35420
24 37820
25 40320
26 42920
27 45620
28 48420
29 51320
30 54320

Total upgrade cost: 608,980 experience


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