Project Goal

Excellence in Technology

To provide a detailed guide and information about the tank upgrade and modification system in Valkyria Chronicles 2.


User who have significant contribution to this project will be awarded with Excellence in Technology medal.


Since this is a big project, it will be divided into three phases. A phase can only be initiated when the previous phase is complete.

Phase One (Completed)

  1. Capacity
  2. Weight
  3. Carry
  4. Ailment Resistance
  5. Construct
  6. Front Defense
  7. Side Defense
  8. Rear Defense
  9. Off-road
  10. Ice Breaker
  11. Rock Breaker
  12. Turret Speed
  13. AcCrct (Accuracy Correction?)
  14. RgCrCt (Range Correction?)

Phase Two

Phase Three

  • Create the following articles: Anti-armor Turret, Mortar Turret, Artillery Turret, Flamethrower Turret, Gatling Turret
  • Setup Template:VC2 turret and start filling in appropriate information.
  • The stats of each turret will be display as images. The name of each image is the same (but without capitalization) as the model name of a turret, e.g. The stats of Anti-armor Gatling 1-1 is in the image [[File:anti-armor gatling 1-1.jpg]]
  • The stats images will be upload gradually in the follwing order:
  1. Anti-armor turret images
  2. Mortar turret images
  3. Artillery turret images
  4. Flamethrower turret images
  5. Gatling turret images


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