The Wings of Solidarity


User who have significant contribution to this project will be awarded with The Wings of Solidarity


In Valkyria Chronicles 2, there are many unlockable characters whose appearances are non-canon. To avoid confusion between these non-canon incarnations with the real characters, new character pages with the "(VC2)" suffix were created and listed in the Category:Cameo Characters. This projected is created to expand/improve those pages. Below are the guidelines:

  • Cameo tag: paste the following template on top the the page:
{{Cameo|<insert character name here>|Valkyria Chronicles 2}}
  • Introduction Text: explain how a character can be unlocked.
  • Character Infobox: Since these are not the main character pages, their personal information such as Alias, Rank, etc. are not necessary. Only gameplay element which might be different to the "real" characters, i.e. Unit Class and Likes need to be listed.
  • Valkyria Chronicles 2 Profile: Use the in-game profile/description.
  • Stats: self-explanatory.
  • Personal Potentials: self-explanatory.
  • Battle Potentials: self-explanatory.
  • Quotes: self-explanatory.
  • Note/Trivia: if available.


Pages Still Need Attention

  • Upload images for the remaining characters.
  • Leon Hardins - Stats, Profile need improve/expand.
  • Ramal Valt - Stats, Profile need improve/expand.
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